Simple Tips to Sell Homes Fast


The demands of your job in another state may force you to relocate, or your current neighborhood may be unsafe for you. Whatever your reason may be for moving elsewhere, you’ll have to sell your house to somebody else who can hopefully take care of it as much as you did during your entire stay there.
However, a typical house spends an average of 65 days in the real estate market before it is sold. Unless you can wait for more than two months to get the money that you can make from it, you’ll want to sell your home fast by doing the following simple tips:

1.Sell your house at a fair price.

Sell your house at a fair price
According to online real estate listing portal Zillow, the average value of a house in America as of 2018 is 220,100 US dollars. In determining your home’s selling price, take the following into consideration:

  • How safe is the neighborhood where your house is?

If your home is in a neighborhood with rampant crime, you wouldn’t want to overprice it. But if your home is in an area with a historically low crime rate, you can adjust your selling price slightly upwards.

  • Is your house located near any establishments?

If your house is in a far-flung area with the nearest establishment being an hour’s drive away, you’ll want to price it low and market it as a vacation home where anyone can spend some relaxing time far from the city. But if your house is near schools, a mall, or a hospital, you can price it a bit higher.

  • How old is your house?

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A house that is only lessthan a year old is definitelypriced higher than a decade-old one. However, you can hack your way into selling an old house at roughly the same price as that of a relatively new one by fixing its exterior and cleaning its interior as you’ll find out below.

  • How many houses are also for sale in your area?

    If there are only a handful of houses in your area that are also for sale and your neighborhood is generally peaceful, you can set a slightly higher selling price to your home. But if more than a dozen houses near yours are up for sale, you can either hold selling it or settle for a low asking price as long as it can still turn a profit.

Whatever the final selling amount of your house is, make sure that it’s fair enough so that it will not stay on the market for long.

2.Make the exterior of your house presentable to prospective home buyers.

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Prospective buyers will immediately judge your house just by looking at pictures of it that you posted on online real estate listing portals. If your house looks unpresentable from the outside, they may ignore your listing and find another one.

So, even before you decide to sell your home, you should start fixing your house’s exterior by doing any of the following:

  • Plant some flowers near the entryway of your house to give it a livelier vibe.
  • Repaint your house’smain door with an inviting color.
  • Mow the lawn in your front yard.
  • Remove any cobwebs around your porch.
  • Sweep any fallen leaves and other small pieces of garbage in your front yard and driveway.

A clean and beautiful exterior will entice prospective buyers to inquire more about your property.

3.Do a thorough cleaning of your house’s interior.

 Do a thorough cleaning of your house’s interior

  • If you have time to spare during your days off from work, you should spend a good part of it thoroughly cleaning the inside of your house. Some of the things you can do to tidy up your house’s interior are as follows:
  • Get rid of any cobwebs around the ceilings of each of your house’s different rooms.
  • Remove all unwanted furniture and decorative accessories.
  • Give the walls a fresh paint job – but use a neutral color that won’t turn anyone off from buying your house.
  • Take down all family photos and religious paraphernalia so that whoever wants to take a tour inside your house would focus only on its interior and not get distracted by anything else.

If your schedule is so hectic that you can barely squeeze in any time to do deep cleaning inside your house, getting a professional home cleaning service is the best way to do it.

Tidying up your home’s interior will create a clean slate for the new homeowners to start their life in your house. The easier they can make your home their own, the easier they can make a buying decision.


If you’re currently living in Southern California and you have to relocate somewhere else for whatever reason, you don’t have to wait for months to sell your house. Just apply the above-listed simple tips to sell your house fast. You may also work with a company like SoCal Home Buyers who can sell your house for you so you can transition into your new life right away and hassle-free.

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