Simple Tips and Ideas for Styling Your Sideboard


Styling Your Sideboard 1

Sideboards are a great way to add storage and style to your dining room or kitchen, but they don’t have to be boring. Styling your sideboard is the perfect opportunity to show off your creativity and create a beautiful piece of furniture that will be the focal point of your dining room. This article will cover some simple tips for styling your sideboard so it looks beautiful all year long.

Go with a mid-century style

Mid-century style is a great choice for a sideboard. The clean lines and simple design make it easy to fit into any room, but it’s also an opportunity to introduce colour into your home. A mid-century sideboard will complement both traditional and contemporary furniture, so you can feel confident about how it will look in your living room or dining area.

Decorate with Clear Glass

Clear glass can be used in a number of ways to display your sideboard. You can use clear glass to showcase a special collection, like your favourite books or figurines, or even an art piece that you are particularly fond of. Clear glass is also great for displaying family photos and other sentimental items. Another idea is to place a piece of jewellery inside the cabinet as an accent piece for when you close the doors (or keep them open).

Add Seasonal Greenery

You can use fresh flowers, herbs or other plants to add seasonal colour. A bit of greenery on the sideboard will help create a focal point in your dining room. You can also use it as an opportunity to cover up unsightly cords by tucking them behind potted plants and hanging planters. When choosing a plant for your home interior design, think about how much light you want it exposed to every day. This will determine whether you should go with something like succulents or ferns versus ivy or other greenery that requires less sunlight than some others do.

Styling Your Sideboard 2

Display Some Candles

Candles are a great way to add a lot of style to your sideboard. They can be used to accentuate a centrepiece, vase of flowers or bowl of fruit. Candles also give off a warm glow that will make your guests feel comfortable and welcome in your dining room.

Display a Platter of Cupcakes or Mini Pies

A platter of cupcakes or mini pies is a great way to display your dessert. Place it on top of the sideboard and add a few sprigs of fresh flowers for extra visual appeal. Use a large enough platter that you can fit all your desserts on it, but don’t choose one too heavy or it might tip over when guests try to grab their favourite treat.


Sideboards can be used to store dishes and linens, or as a buffet for serving food. In addition to their use in the kitchen, sideboards also make an excellent bar or dining table. If you have photos of loved ones that you’d like to display prominently in your home, consider placing them on top of your sideboard.

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