Signs That Your Property Have a Pest Infestation


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House owners usually have a common fear, and that is being overrun by pest Infestation. Often, they do not know where to check for or the possible signs that the property is slowly being overrun by pest Infestation. If you fall in that category, then you don’t have to worry. 

Dealing with pests is something homeowners try to avoid at all costs as it always leads to unplanned expenses, disturbance, and sometimes, illness. However, like most home issues, spotting and handling them early can reduce the level of damage done. 

This article has some possible signs to help you know that your house is infested with pests. Keep reading and who knows? You might spot a scenario you have experienced. 

Tips To Help You Detect Pest Infestation 

The following are some of the possible signs to help you detect whether your property is affected by pests. 

Damage To Fabric

One of the possible signs is the damage to the fabric. Imagine your furniture has a deep hole, or you notice some scratch mark on one part. Then there is every possibility that you have rats or insects lurking around your home. 

Pest Droppings

Another tip or sign to know if your property has pest infestation is their droppings. When we talk about pest droppings, it could either be urine trails of fecal droppings. You can look out for bed bugs by checking your bed for these droppings. Although it is difficult to detect tiny insects or pest droppings, other pests like rats can easily be spotted. So notwithstanding, once you detect pest droppings, then you might want to act quickly as there’s every possibility that you have a lot of pests on your property.  

Strange Sounds

Imagine trying to get your beauty rest at night, and all of a sudden, you hear some sound coming from the trash can. It can quite be uncomfortable at that moment, and that indeed is a possible sign that you have pests living with you. Some of the possible strange sounds you are most likely to hear are; squeaking, scratching, and sometimes whining. These sounds could come from anywhere around your property, in the walls, or around your roof or attic. 

Look Out For Nesting

One thing with these pests is that they usually have a hiding place, or somewhere they run to after causing havoc around the home. Also, it would interest you to know that they can build up nests with anything, be it paper, scraps of fabric, or, most times, grass clippings. So, one way to find out is by either looking at crawl spaces underneath your flooring or, most times, places that are generally not exposed. 

Remnant Of Body Parts

Aside from the fact that pests might leave droppings along the way, it should be made known that they also leave body parts. This is most prevalent with insects, as you will most likely see discarded wings or even wings on some parts of your property. A lot of times, house owners ignore these warning signs and think it’s all gone. That is not the case, as there is every chance that the house is steadily being accumulated with pests. 

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The thing about certain pests is that they emit specific smells. For instance, it is easy to know if you have a mouse as they usually have a musty odor. Also, you can easily know if you have cockroaches around your property for insects since they usually have this soy sauce smell associated with them.  

These pests need to be addressed on time, and aside from the fact you might be needing a pest control team to flush them out, you can take a more proactive approach by doing some of the following: 

  • Try to avoid leaving leftover food in the trash can, as this is usually an invitation to these pests
  • It is expected that you try to declutter and live in a cleaner environment; that way, those pests might find it difficult to hide. 
  • Address any cracks you notice by sealing them up. That way, they find it difficult to gain entry into your property. Because the more cracks you leave unattended to, the more pests that would troop into your home. 

As earlier mentioned, pests have caused havoc in places they are found. They are quite unbearable and not ideal to live with. This is why it is always important to eliminate them from your property. So, having listed some vital tips or possible signs, the next time you come across these signs, it wouldn’t be difficult to know you have a pest Infestation, and this would make you act quicker towards eliminating them from your property.

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