Signs That You Need A Tree Removed From Your Lawn

As a responsible homeowner, you should learn how to look after your yard and the rest of the surroundings that are part of your property. This includes all the living plants and other landscaping elements. You should be able to tell the signs that the tree on your lawn needs to be cut already as it poses as a hazard, not only to you but also to its neighbouring living beings. Here are the signs that a tree has to be removed:

1. If the tree is infected and is starting to spread it to nearby trees and plants.

You do not want an infected tree on your lawn. Chances are the infection is going to spread and will cause the nearby plants to die as well. Growth of fungi and sudden infestation are among the symptoms of an infected tree.

2. If it’s starting to get in the way of your driveway.

If your driveway is getting blocked by a tree, have it removed immediately. You would want a wider space for you to manoeuvre easily.

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3. If it’s becoming a hazard to people.

A tree in the middle of your lawn can be a hazard to people, especially to children that love to run around. If you do not want them climbing trees or being tripped by the roots, you can have it cut down.

4. If the branches can easily breakdown.

Sometimes, even though the tree is still alive, its branches still poses danger, especially during rainy seasons. During typhoons, strong winds tend to blow through trees and break its branches. If the tree is already leaning, it’s only a matter of time that it’s going to fall over during a typhoon.

5. If the tree is really close to your home.

A tree too close to your house is a hazard. They should be at least 15 feet apart. Especially if the tree is still growing, it is possible that its roots and branches can damage your property’s structure.

6. If it’s touching power lines.

A tree near the power lines is definitely a hazard. What you want to avoid is the tree’s branches falling onto the lines and causing them to break. This is more likely to happen during the rainy season.

Tree Removed From Your Lawn1

7. If the tree seems hollow.

If the tree’s bark is already hollow, it means it’s already seriously damaged. A hollow tree can easily fall down. Call an arborist immediately before it causes any accidents.

8. If the tree is mostly damaged and dead.

A tree is already dead if the bark is full of cracks and is starting to peel off. Along with this, if branches are starting to break down easily and the leaves are discolouring, you should have the tree removed already. Remember that a dead tree won’t be revived anymore.

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