Siding Nailer vs Roofing nailer: know the differences

Siding Nailer vs roofing nailer- both are conventional power tools for any handyman or carpenter. While both of them have their attributes, it’s getting hard sometimes to choose the right one between them.

Maybe, you’re in such a situation right now and looking forward to knowing the differences.

In short, roofing nailer has a big head and short in size than siding nailer. Also, roofing nailer is less potent than siding nailer. Though, all that difference is not that much significant. Because they are intended to do the different job as your companion in work. We can suggest you expert reviews and recommendation some of the popular nailers at

However, I’ve noted down everything you need to know in this regard. And I am here going to elaborate the whole thing. Keep reading this article to explore that you.

What is a Siding nailer?


Siding nailer, the name quite explains itself.

And how it does that?

Well, this nailer is used to nailing the wall off an object. This one works as like as framing nailer, but more accurately. It solves problems like piercing by nail head and overwhelming power that occurs while using a framing nailer.

Siding Nailer is perfect for rubber domes and wood. It is an invention that solves all kind of siding problem and left a professional like finishing.

However, if you are in a siding job, then a siding nailer is perfect for you. It will work efficiently and will also save you time.

On the other hand, joining a thinner piece and two different materials such as wood and vinyl joining job can be done appropriately. Many of us will try to join with a framing nailer. And the result will go worse. Because that will be left pierce head and finishing will not up to the mark. The effect will less last your siding.

I think you may now understand about the siding nailer and its importance also.

What is Roofing nailer?

Roofing nailer is used to roofing or re-roofing that is made of asphalt, insulation board, and fiberglass.

So, what is different from another nail gun? Well, a unique feature of this roofing nailer is, it can drive coil nails. What is the benefit? You don’t need to refill frequently. It will reduce your time to climb down to refill your gun. So, you can finish roofing by 75% less time than with another gun.

We know that this type of roofing lasts for 20 years. Sometimes, bad weather condition makes re-roofing time shorter. So, at least, every 20 years you have to re-assemble your roof. To make that easy roofing nails has the option to take out nails easily from the roof. So, re-roofing is easier nowadays with the help of roofing nailer.
But one of the most important matters to think about is that roofing nailer is designed to do only a single task. So, this gun is not used to do other kinds of nail job.
All over, roofing nailer can do the job as like as they are named. So, if you have such
a project, then you are on the right track.

Siding Nailer special features and benefits:

Siding Nailer special features and benefits
If you can understand, why use a siding nailer then you will get the topics.
So, why?

  • You can use coil-nail. It will save refilling time.
  • Most of the siding nailer has an air filter. That helps to reduce dust and debris.
    Variety range of depth adjustment. It helps to adjust with different size of joining material.
  • Siding Nailer is versatile to use because of its portability option.
  • In the case of performance regarding siding, siding nailer is unbeatable. You may us framing nailer to do the same job. But you will not get the perfect finishing.
    Bump shot or single shot both can be done.
  • Maximum siding nailer has a trigger lock system. This will save you from the unwanted shot. So, siding nailer is safe to use.
  • Variety range ergonomics feature. Light, medium, and heavy, these three different ranges of weight available. For full time using weight is an important feature to think about.

These are the most common feature that benefits the user in many ways. Other than this some unique feature may found in specific models. Best Siding Nailers Reviews can help you find the best one for your projects.

Siding Nailer CONS:

Every product has some limitation in some instances. And siding nailer is not different from that. So, let’s see those cons;

  • Intend to work for siding. Other nailing jobs are not suitable for this.
    A soft wall is necessary to get a perfect result.
  • The larger nail may not fit in specific models.
  • Those are the common problem of siding nail.

Roofing Nailer special features and benefits:

Roofing Nailer special features and benefits
As I have told before roofing nailer is for roof installation. It has some unique feature that benefits a consumer greatly. Let’s have looked on that;

  • You can secure your shingles with the help of a roofing nailer. In that case, roofing nails that are made with aluminum or galvanize are used to install shingles.
  • Roofing nails work with fiberglass, polyester, and bituminous material. Those materials used to make roof waterproof. You can use heat application or staple or roof nailer to fastened roof felt. And obviously roof nailer is most secure in that case.
  • Re-roofing is a typical case. Take down nails from the previous installation is more comfortable with roof nailer.
  • Want to attach wood or metal sheet in your roof? You are flashing the roof with roof nailer because it is designed for that purpose.

Securing your roof is now easier than ever. You need a roofing nailer to get the job done. Our Best Roofing Nailers Reviews with buying guide will help you find the right one for your projects. Each roofing nailer has some unique feature that can be noted while getting one.

Roofing Nailer CONS:

Likewise, the previous one has also disadvantaged too. Let’s have looked on that;

  • Roofing nailer is less potent than siding nailer.
  • Sometimes get jammed. So, we need to clean frequently.
  • I am doing a specific job correctly. Other jobs can’t be done accurately.

Those limitations are negligible if you are going to do roofing or re-roofing.

Types of Siding Nailer:

Types of Siding Nailer
Short nail with the full head is used with siding nailer. There are three types of

siding nailer can be found. Those are:

  • Coil Siding Nailer
  • Cordless Siding Nailers
  • Pneumatic Siding Nailers

Coil siding nailer:

For harder objects coil siding nailer is perfect. As because of harder objects needs more power to nail. The principal mechanism is a solenoid metal piston. By the way, by controlling power, you can use it for soft objects.

Cordless Siding Nailers:

Cordless siding nailers use a battery power source to operate. But functions like another nailer. The problem is its weaker power. That is why you cannot use it for harder objects.

Pneumatic Siding Nailers:

This is an air powered device. Air pressure is used for a power source. This one is popular for both harder and softer material.

As it is air powered so, you need not think about battery or another power source to operate.

Types of Roofing Nailer:

Types of Roofing Nailer
Roofing nailers are substantial, as because of their workload. These nailers are mostly used by professionals or sometimes severe DIYer. So, choosing a roofing nailer is vital from their types. There are three different types of roofing nailer based on power source. Those are;

  • pring loaded
  • Pneumatic
  • Solenoid

Spring loaded:

As like as its name, this nailer use spring to shoot nails. This one is the simple form of roofing nailer.


Compressed air operated and favorite one roofing nailer. As because it uses compressed air, this one is powerful also in all kind of roofing nailer.


Electromagnetic polarization is the power source of this roofing nailer.

In Conclusion

Thanks for being till the end of the post Siding Nailer vs Roofing Nailer. Although both siding nailer and roofing nailer are essential, for different purposes. Hope, this guide helped you out to find the right fit.
Best of luck!

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