Should You Move to California After Retirement?


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Are you ready to retire and relax in your dream destination, California, for the rest of your life? Do you want to move there and get an apartment? Would you like to spend the remaining years in luxury and under the sun? 

In any case, moving to California as a retiree can be a fun and exciting adventure. However, that would only be possible if money was not an issue. California is an expensive state. Overall, the average retirement spending is USD 1,226,026. 

Of course, anyone wanting to retire in the Golden State must have great finances. You can start afresh and indulge in a new lifestyle. This West Coast state has sunny beaches, mountains, green fields, etc. Moreover, the state has over 300 independent living communities for seniors. 

In this blog, we will discuss the expenses and benefits of living the California dream. 

Insight Into Living in California for Retirees

You should consider living in California after retirement because of its pleasant weather and food. The topography allows the coastline to experience consistent warm weather. Additionally, the state has a strong immigrant community. That is why you will find an array of cuisines at restaurants and cafes. 

You can also get high-quality produce since California is a major agricultural center. As a retiree, you would love the relaxed and easygoing culture of the state. Moreover, you can visit the nine national parks for an adventure into wild trails. 

As mentioned, the Golden State is expensive. Hence, the per capita healthcare and housing costs would be USD 8,501 and USD 9,972, respectively. The average utility cost can be USD 380 monthly. 

Additionally, the marginal tax rate is approximately 13.3%. But you should not worry about taxes because the state is tax-friendly to retirees. 

But how do you find an apartment in California? For that, list your desirable living conditions when choosing an apartment. 

Then, you can contact a real estate agent to begin your search. You should tour the property and talk to the neighbors to better understand the community. Of course, you must consider the price of the place and decide whether to buy or rent it. 

Retirees can utilize their 401(k) funds to get a loan. With it, you can also put down a payment on a house in the Golden State. However, this should not be your first choice. Instead, you can sell your current home for the money or rent the apartment. 

Either way, you must invest in a retirement plan to live comfortably in California. It will help you get a fixed monthly income for your expenses. 

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Which California City Should You Live In After Retirement? 

Are you looking for warm climates, breathtaking scenery, and access to multiple cuisines? Then, Los Angeles (LA) would be the best retirement city. On average, LA has 263 days of sunshine per year. It also ranked #3 as the ‘most desirable’ place for living. 

Did you know that there is a song about the city’s weather? California Dreamin’ by The Mamas and The Papas is a New Yorker’s lament about LA’s warmth during the winter. 

LA is the largest city with hundreds of safe neighborhoods. Among them is the Westside neighborhood of Playa Vista. You will find multiple luxury apartments in Playa Vista for retirement. There are 1,630 people living here, and the median real estate costs USD 973,925. 

According to The Q Playa, Playa Vista is the most sought-after district in LA. The neighborhood offers an urban, liberal, and homely feeling for retirees. You will find multiple parks, coffee shops, restaurants, game hubs, and more. 

Additionally, there are community living opportunities in Playa Vista for older adults. You will find the best amenities, fitness centers, spas, and more. There are 24/7 concierge services in these residences, as well. You will have a fresh and innovative approach to life after retirement. 

Factors to Consider Before Retiring in California

The Golden State is appealing to retirees due to the enjoyable weather, exceptional healthcare, and leisure activities. You would love the breathtaking natural scenery and the high standard of living. However, the cost of living can be a disadvantage after a few years. 

That is why you must consider the following factors before moving there: 

  • Personal lifestyle choices and preferences 
  • Social connections and family planning
  • Financial stability and monthly payments from benefit plans
  • Requirements for health and medical assistance 

On top of that, the state is prone to natural disasters like earthquakes and wildfires. Therefore, you should consider the environmental risk factors before moving to this state. 

The Bottom Line

According to Investopedia, California has the country’s highest number of older adults. Nearly 5,976,000 people in this state are more than 65 years of age. Some Americans want to relocate to their dream states after retirement. Forbes reports that in 2022, 234,000 retirees chose a new city for relocation. 

Similarly, you fantasize about moving to the Golden State. However, you must understand and prioritize certain factors because this city is expensive. Otherwise, it might affect your well-being or happiness. 

For instance, you need to weigh your savings and retirement benefits against California’s cost of living. Remember to learn the federal laws before moving there. These will help you find the perfect place for retirement in the Golden State.

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