Seven Tips For a More Luxurious Bedroom Makeover

Your bedroom should be more than just a place to sleep. It should be a luxurious sanctuary where you can escape the cares of the day and really take time out to relax. If your bedroom is due a much-needed makeover, here are seven tips for you to follow to help you create the personal getaway of your dreams.

1.Get The Colors Right

Rather than choosing a bold primary color, choose a soothing shade instead. Gentle lavender, blue and green hues are much more serene and calm than bright red or hot pink walls. Pair your monochromatic tones with rich jewel shades like topaz and toasty brown to add even more comfort and coziness to your space.
Get The Colors Right

2.Remember Your Ceiling

Don’t forget your ceiling – it’s your room’s fifth wall. Painting your ceiling a shade that is slightly lighter than the walls will help to remove the blankness of this bland surface and visually lower your ceiling for a more intimate feel.

3.Keeping It Simple

A cluttered bedroom leads to a cluttered mind. If yours is full of unnecessary furniture, it’s time to pare it down to the essentials. The most luxurious bedrooms are simple, elegant and sophisticated, whatever their color scheme or style. Leave at least 3 feet between the large pieces of furniture and the walls and choose minimalist pieces. A bed, dresser, chair and bedside table are the main essentials. You should also keep your accessories to a single piece of beautiful art, a family photo or two and a vase of flowers.

4.Get Furniture That’s The Right Size

Oversized furnishings can make even a mid-sized room feel poky and small. Begin by drawing up a scaled floorplan of your space then you can easily determine the size of furniture you’re looking for. Avoid choosing large, heavy dressers and beds for a smaller room, and conversely, avoid choosing smaller pieces for a very large space or they’ll just look lost. Depending on the size and shape of your room you may need to have a bed custom-made to your specifications along with a custom size mattress to fit. This could be the best option to make the best use of your available space.

5.Be Clever With Storage

There are many things that need to be stored in your bedroom, but try to keep as much as possible out of sight. This gives your space a more serene, roomy and calm feel. Underbed drawers, ottomans and bedside tables with doors are all excellent choices for any size of bedroom, or why not have a headboard which features sliding panels or inbuilt shelving for your accessories and books?
Be Clever With Storage

6.Make A Private Nook

Your bedroom should be an oasis of calm where you can enjoy relaxing and unwinding after the stresses of the day. One way to do this is to add a private nook where you can read quietly or just lie back and take some deep breaths. A window seat under your bedroom’s window could be the perfect spot for this, or perhaps a secluded corner with an armchair and footstool together.

7.Maximize Your Lighting

Lighting is key to getting the ambience and atmosphere right in any bedroom. Make sure you layer the lighting in your space with ambient lighting for the whole room, smaller lamps for reading and accent lighting to add soft illumination to your walls. Recessed lighting works beautifully in bedrooms, as do undershelf and picture-frame lights.

Follow these professional bedroom makeover tips and you’ll find that your space becomes much more than a place to sleep. It’ll soon be a luxurious haven where you can escape your worries and cares for a few hours.

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