Select Your Washroom Seat Wisely

While getting your washrooms ready many people don’t pay much attention to toilet seats. But this is one of the essential things that can’t be ignored. This seat should also make you feel comfortable just like other seats. There are many options to select from that will be perfect for your washroom. Ideas never stop, they pop up and new trends keep on inventing. Same goes with toilet seats. According to the comfort and need, you can choose any toilet seat.

It is very easy to say go with the one that works the best, but not everyone understands all of the functions of a good bowl. You have to keep in mind everything while buying a bowl, like the shape of the bowl, size of the washroom, the kind of look you want for your washroom, the color of the commode, material and so on.

Bathroom attached Washroom Color ideas

Comfort has nothing to do with the color but the overall look of the washroom has everything to do with the color aspect of the commode. Obviously, you don’t want your washroom to look bad so colors are important. See which color for the commode will go best with the colors of your washroom. Colors are always important because you don’t want to go off beat.


It is not of much importance but still goes for a material which you can clean easily. Don’t go for cheap quality material.

Size of the Washroom:

Size of the washroom is also one aspect to keep in mind while selecting the commode. Because if the size of the restroom is small you should go for the smaller bowls and if it is spacious you can go for the normal size bowls. There are many options available for best toilet to suit your washroom.

Types of Commodes:

1.) Compact Toilet:
Bathroom attached Washroom Compact Toilet Ideas
For small washrooms, it is the best one in terms of size. Its compact design is its best feature. Because of no water tank at its back, it takes very little space in your washroom. Its size makes it possible to fit it in any corner.

The whole flushing mechanism is electrical. The electric water closet is a new thing to most of the people.

The pump and grinder are hidden under the pedestal. The commode comes with the upflush system, so basically when you flush; it pumps water up the discharge line and has plenty of power.

2.) One-Piece commode:
Bathroom attached Washroom One-Piece commode Ideas
So, if you are looking for a bowl that is strong in style but small in size, then Kohler 3810 Santa Rosa is the result of your search. You can see that the seam between the tank and the bowl is wider. With fewer seams, it is easy to clean the bowl. The height of the seat is designed as a “comfort height” of 16.5 inches.

Even though it has a single flush system, it can be used as a dual-flush model as well. Powerful flushing ability of the commode is not a problem even with low water usage. The AquaPiston flush engine, allows water to flow into the bowl from all the sides, supplying a fast and powerful flow flush.

3.) Two-Piece Commode:
Bathroom attached Washroom Two-Piece Commode Ideas
For two-piece commode, K-3817-0 Memoirs Stately is best. It is modern and stylish. The Kohler Memoirs Stately’s height is comfortable which makes standing and sitting easier. It is ideal for most adults and elderly with weak knees.

When talking about the flushing power, water consumption amounts to an inconceivable 1.28 gallons of water per flush, making it one of the lowest water consuming commodes out there.

The flush makes less noise because of it being the gravity flush type, giving you a much smoother and quieter flushing experience.

4.) TOTO G500 Wash let:

This commode is technology based. Even the toilets are techie these days. This toilet seat gives you the feature of getting your seat warm in freezing winters. It also comforts you by giving warm water to wash your butts.

The Dual-Max Cyclone system in the toilet allows for low water consumption. And so with such low water consumption, it makes it WaterSense certified.

Another feature of this model is that it automatically opens and closes the lid in the night time whenever you want.

It is sleek and tankless. It takes very less space in your washroom.

5.) TOTO Drake II:
This model’s height is 16.5 inches, which means standing and sitting will be easy. This commode uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush, which eventually means that it is WaterSense certified.

With a smart SanaGloss glazing, cleaning your toilet will be easy now.

6.) American Standard 2004.014 Champion-4:

This bowl is renowned for its powerful flushing feature. With a 4-inch accelerator flush valve, it produces unbelievable flushing power as compared to the standard 2-inch flush valve. It uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

This model is quite heavy, with an elongated bowl seat.

7.) AS 2887.216 H2Option:

The model has a dual flush system – 1 GPF flush for liquids and 1.6 GPF flush for solids. This dual flush system allows 25 percent less water than conventional toilet per flush.

The seat is of comfortable height – 16.5 inches tall. With EverClean surface, it prevents the growth of mold, mildew, and stain and odor-causing bacteria, making the cleaning time spent in the washroom reduced.

How Can You Choose The Best One For Yourself?

Now when you know the different types of commodes one question that pops up to your mind is which you should go for? We are helping you with this as well with providing you few tips:

  1. Water closet is mainly consisting of the bowl, pedestal and the tank. You can choose from tank and tankless according to the size of your washroom.
  2. You can choose according to the installation process and price as well.
  3. You can choose according to the shape of the bowl. Pick up the one you find best for yourself.
  4. Height also matters so select the commode accordingly. You should find it easy to sit and stand.
  5. You can select according to the flush type also.
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