See how to use a French Press to prepare coffee seamlessly

Coffee remains one of the oldest beverages since time immemorial. And various means of brewing it got devised along the line. However, it was not until the recent century that an excellent device to make delicious cups of coffee got invented. One theory stated that the invention of this coffee maker started in France, hence the name “French Press.” The initial design or model has undergone various improvements until we got today’s models.

French Press rapidly rose to prominence as an ideal machine for brewing the drink. Preparing the coffee in the French Press is simple, but it needs some special care. Chief among them is quality products — both the equipment and the grain. See this step-by-step guide on preparing coffee correctly using the French Press!

  • Scald

If you don’t want to do this, you can skip it. Using hot water, fill the container to the brim and flush it out. The process preheats the Press and prevents the beverage from compromising by significant temperature differences.

French Press3

  • Put the beans

As mentioned, it is better to choose medium thickness grains, which resemble the size of oats. If you still don’t know the ideal proportion between beans and water, a good option is to start using 6 g of coffee to 100 ml of liquid. Then you can adjust these amounts according to your taste.

  • Heat the water

For coffee to undergo the correct extraction, the water temperature must be between 85°C and 95°C. Don’t have a thermometer? Here’s a tip, so you don’t go wrong: let the water boil and wait about 40 seconds before putting it in the Press. Do not fill the equipment to the limit to prevent the drink from overflowing. Always use pure, filtered water for the best results

  • Wait four minutes

After lightly mixing the water and coffee, close the Press and wait four minutes. The resting period should not exceed this time, making the drink too bitter. At this stage, the stem should remain up.

French Press2

  • Press the rod

Now is the time to press the plunger until all the powder gets pressed. Note that you must gently carry out this process. The drink will flow to the top of the filter and be ready to be enjoyed. Don’t leave the brewed coffee in the Press for too long — it will become very bitter from contact with the sediment.

  • Troubleshoot

You may have gotten a bespoke French Press; however, using it for the first time can lead to disappointing results if you’re not familiar with the method. This matter of adaptation is easy to solve by testing proportions. Check out the main problems and learn how to solve them:

  1. Very weak coffee: the grind may be too coarse, so try grinding it a little more next time or letting the powder steep for a longer time;
  2. Strong coffee: instead of waiting the four minutes for the infusion, try to serve the drink in just three;
  3. Bitter coffee: maybe your bean is too ground, so use a slightly coarser powder next time.
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