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Scorching QLD Summer, Time For Roof Restoration!

Your roof is vital to the overall structure of your house and the biggest protector from hail, rain and sunlight especially in Queensland’s harsh climate! Aging is common for a roof’s lifespan and often damage can occur that needs to be repaired to ensure it keeps its structural integrity.

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Australia is a vast continent that has seen a wide variety of climates. However, as the climate increases Australia’s expected to see hotter days and more extreme weather events meaning having a durable home is essential for safety and to protect your family. If you’ve had your property for a while or it’s been a long time since maintenance on your roof it might be time to assess again. However it can be hard to know what to look for before it’s too late so here’s three indicators that your roof may need repairing or alternatively contact Roo Roofing’s Roof Restoration in Brisbane for assistance.  

Water Damage: Heavy rain and other severe weather, such as hail and snow, won’t damage a properly maintained roof. Moisture on the interior of your roof or walls, is a sign that your roof is compromised in some way due to water damage. Trails that suggest leaks and dark stains indicate damage and should be fixed before secondary damage occurs. 
Broken or Cracked Tiles: It only takes one broken tile to cause damage to your home. Water can seep through causing mold, bubbling in walls and ceilings and damage to carpet and flooring. Not to mention broken tiles expose the interior of your home, meaning it’s accessible for large animals and small insects too that can cause bigger issues than just a simple roof repair. 
Age: All roofs age naturally, and elements like pollution, moisture, and physical impacts like weather, and trees can all contribute to this process of deterioration. Your roof should typically last you 20 to 25 years, but as it becomes older, repairs will still be necessary. If you find yourself constantly requiring maintenance on your 20 year old roof it may require a whole new restoration to ensure it can continue to last. Roo Roofing’s Roof Restoration in Brisbane can assist you in smaller repairs or entire restorations, get in touch to get a solution today. 

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Benefits of a Roof Restoration: 

In addition to being your home’s first point of contact with the outside world, your roof plays a crucial role in determining how much your house is worth. Your roof’s aesthetic appeal is increased by restoration, and therefore increasing the value of your home and appeal to future buyers. Additionally, a roof restoration will increase the lifespan of your roof and eliminate the need for future costly repairs from damage or even a complete replacement. Even the smallest gap or crack in a tile can let cold air in or heat out in the winter and therefore, a solid roof is vital to temperature control in the hotter months and cooler winters. 

With the unpredictable weather conditions, it’s important to have a home that’s in its best condition. If you want peace of mind in the future or have noticed some damage or cracks it’s important to repair them quickly to ensure no further damage to your home. Contact Roo Roofing’s Roof Restoration in Brisbane to get free quotes, guidance or assistance in roof repairs.

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