Scandinavian Interior Design – Crucial Elements That You Can Use


Scandinavian Interior Design

Are you planning to renovate your house? If yes, you sure don’t want the same decor anymore. Or even if you’re going to use some elements of the earlier decor, you would want to arrange it in a new style and pattern. Change welcomes new ideas and a new way of life! So, if you always welcomed a conventional, vintage home decor pattern, chances are you have your set on to something drastically different. If you are thinking Scandinavian, you’ve made a smart choice.

Understanding the Scandinavian home decor trend

The Scandinavian home decor pattern is all about minimalism! It blends in functionality with simplicity. This interior and home decor design was present since the 1950s.

Recently, most people are waking up to their essence and benefits. The Scandinavian interior decor branches from the modernism school of design. It mostly makes use of natural materials, for instance, wood, hemp, and leather. There is an obvious connection with nature. And it blends in abstraction, natural shapes as well as other natural elements. There is a store where you can buy Norwegian & Swedish stuff if you want to add them into your interior.
Understanding the Scandinavian home decor trend
Are you planning to say yes to a Scandinavian interior design pattern for your current home renovation plan? If yes, then you should add in the following elements:

Use warm accessories to accessorize your

If you stay in a city, where the climate is mostly cold, warm accessories will complement your home decor. And you can use these accessories or warm textiles, in the form of wool, mohair or sheepskin. You can choose your carpets and rugs accordingly. It will make your room appear and feel warm and cozy during the winter months. Also, when you resort to warm color tones and accessories, it adds an element of comfort as well.

Blend in both metal and wood finish

Wooden elements are typical in Scandinavian home decor. And other than flooring, you can also make use of it in fixtures and furniture’s. So, plan your new home decor to carry elements like a wooden chair, coffee table, and wooden stools as furniture. That is not all! You can also add an attractive variation. The recent addition to Scandinavian decor is the metallic finishes, to add the required spark and gravitas to the wooden decor elements. Take, for example, the brass pendants and the copper sconces that get installed on your wooden ceilings. It will add the much-required shine and class to your home decor, in a minimalistic and straightforward way.

Concentrate on neutral shades

You need to get the color scheme correct when you are opting in for Scandinavian home decor. The ideal colors to use are blacks, greys, browns, and whites. Hence, when you have decided to opt-in for a Scandinavian living room decor, make sure that you choose the neutral shades. It will give your room a calm, soothing, and clean impact.
Concentrate on neutral shades
Additionally, you can also bring exciting color additions, like sea greens and fuchsia. If you want to replicate the real essence of Scandinavian decor, you can say yes to white wall paints. It enables the decorative pieces as well as the statement-making furniture’s to stand out, without looking over the top.

Opt-in for the effortless decorative accents

If you find ways to reflect simplicity in your interior decor, you are staying to the pulse of Scandinavian home decor. Hence, if you are planning to arrange to an open or the living room space, make sure to select decorative accents which have easy to use designs. You can opt-in for a classy and chic ceramic vase to use in your center table. And if you wish to have more color and texture, include pillows and cushions that have a modern geometric and abstract designs and prints.

Clutter-free is the goal

Get rid of the excess clutter! From unused decorative pieces to excess papers in the paper folders, eliminate all of it. If you have excess wall hangings, decals and photographs, you need to tone it down. At best, you can have it evenly distributed. For instance, you can choose to have pictures that have a definite pattern on one wall. Use wall hangings or decor items like a dream catcher in another room. Use the corners of a wall, to add a photo frame and dream catcher. And if the wall is painted white or grey, it will reflect the Scandinavian essence.
Clutter-free is the goal

Add an element of nature

When you add an essential item to your home decor, you say yes to freshness. Nature renews everything! Keep a potted plant or make arrangements for a small herb garden beside the window. Arrange it in a way that’s easy for you to maintain. Else, if the garden is kept unattended, the herbs will die, and that will take away from the decor you are trying to project. Hence, get careful with the planning.

These are some of the essential aspects of Scandinavian decor! Take a close look at your house and opt-in for the elements that look feasible. At all point, consult your interior decor expert to make smart decisions.

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