Save on Bathroom Space with Luxear Shower Caddies for Wall Storage


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Ideally, all bathrooms should have ample floor space so that you can move around freely when taking a bath. But not everyone can have big and spacious bathrooms with long vanities and proper storage. For those with smaller bathrooms, space and storage often becomes an issue. And if you don’t have the space for a vanity, you often end up having to pick up your shampoo bottles from the floor whenever you wash your hair! This is where you need expert advice on how to make space for all your toiletries and still have an organized and hygienic bathroom. Try Luxear shower caddy with its amazing features to help you keep your bathroom well-organized.


Easy to Install

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Isn’t it tedious to call a professional every time you want to make a simple change or addition to your home? But not anymore! With Luxear’s suction cup shower caddies, there’s no need to drill holes in the wall, no need for screws or glue or any other tools at all. With its simple and easy to install design, all you need is a smooth and dry surface and you can install your shower caddy yourself in mere minutes! Simply peel off the protective cover and press the board logo “LUXEAR” hard to squeeze the air out until you hear “PUFF” sound. And your shower caddy is ready to use. Removing it from the wall is equally easy.

Strong and Durable

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When you read suction cups, the first thought that comes to mind is, how long and how much will it hold? But Luxear’s suction shower caddy baskets are made of premium ABS material. These suction cups use the principle of octopus bionics and can hold up to 22lbs of weight. It is designed to have a PC pressure plate in the suction hooks which can pressurize the suction cups continuously to keep the hooks firmly attached to the wall. Plus, they’re also long lasting, water-proof, and oil-proof. However, these powerful suction shower caddies work best on non-porous, impervious, and smooth surfaces like glass, mirrors, polished metal, stainless steel, plastic boards, wall tiles, granite, etc.

Multifunctional Design

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While Luxear’s suction cup shower caddies are essentially ideal for the bathrooms, you can also use them as storage organizers in other places too. For example, you can use them as open shelves in the kitchen to store oils, etc. or as spice racks. Get your own Luxear shower caddies on a good discounted rate with this discount coupon: 10% off 3X5JUPRK before 2024-10-19.

Helps in Organizing

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The main purpose of adding a shower caddy to your bathroom is to save space and organize the bathroom. No more toiletries loitering the bathroom floor, just use these caddies to store all your toiletry needs. They have drain holes at the bottom to ensure the items inside remain clean and dry. Plus, these caddies also come with 4 adjustable hooks so that you can hang stuff that you want to keep away from the floor. Its ergonomic, elegant design gives your bathroom a uniform and polished look!

If you need to free up space in your kitchen, bathroom, college dorm room or even your desk, you can use these shower caddies for extra space. With their elegant and durable design, these caddies can help keep you organized for a long time!

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