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Prevention is better than cure. And that goes for all the aspects of our lives. Including your plumbing. Huge water bills and costly repairs are something you’d much rather avoid, and not to mention that plumbing issues such as leaks can cause some serious damage to your entire property, as well as have a negative impact on your health, allowing mold to form and grow.

So, clearly, preventing the issues should be on the mind of all homeowners. Instead of taking these systems for granted and paying attention to them only when they aren’t functioning properly, you should do your best to properly and regularly maintain them. By maintaining the plumbing systems of your San Francisco home on a regular basis, you’ll get to avoid some serious and costly problems. Thus, getting more info on how to do the maintenance is undeniably a must.

Tips For Maintaining Your Plumbing in San Francisco

If you haven’t been caring for these systems in the past a lot, either because you didn’t have your own home to worry about, or because you didn’t understand the importance of proper upkeep in the first place, then chances are you don’t know what to do so as to keep your plumbing functioning perfectly. In other words, you don’t know how to maintain them. Don’t worry, though. Below I’ll share some tips that will help you maintain your plumbing in San Francisco and thus avoiding paying for those costly repairs.

Check for Leaks Once a Week

The very first thing to understand is that plumbing issues can develop rather quickly, and even small leaks can do great damage when undetected. So, creating a maintenance schedule and performing the necessary checks on a regular basis is a must. Checking for leaks should, thus, be done once a week.

Take the time to check all of the exposed pipes, toilets, sinks and appliances for cracks and leaks. If you notice any of those, the right thing to do is immediately hire professionals and have them fix the problems for you. Apart from performing those regular checks on your own, you could also get a water leak detector to do the work for you. Depending on which model you’ll get, it may need to be installed by a professional as well.

Keep the Drains Clear

Keeping the drains clear is also of crucial importance in the maintenance process. Using a strainer in all of your sinks and showers will prevent debris, hair and any other items going down the drains and thus possibly causing blockages in your pipes. Apart from using strainers, you can also find some home tricks that will help you clean the drains regularly and thus keep them functioning perfectly.

Don’t Flush Anything But Toilet Paper

If your toilet starts overflowing and you wind up needing to contact or other companies to have the problem fixed, there is a fair chance that you’ve been flushing items that should never be flushed. Of course, toilet problems can be caused by different things as well, but this is actually the most common one. So, for proper maintenance, you should remember not to flush wet wipes or any kinds of sanitary products other than toilet paper.

Clean the Water Heater

While most people don’t really do it as often as they should, cleaning the water heater is certainly necessary. Flushing the tank, if you own a storage-type heater once every six months helps remove the built-up sediment. And then, hiring professionals to inspect it every year is also important, as the experts will identify any broken valves, rust, or anything else that could be hindering performance and posing certain risks. The tankless heater should also be regularly checked by professionals.

San Francisco Plumbing Tips 2

Check the Water Pressure

Checking the water pressure will not only help you protect your pipes and faucets by not overburdening them, but also identify any small issues if you notice the pressure decreasing all of a sudden. Anything above 80 psi will probably cause leaks, which is why regulating the pressure is of great significance. Installing a pressure regulator, which has to be done by professionals of course, is a good idea here, as it will help keep everything in check.

Hire Professionals for Regular Checkups

The one crucial thing to remember is that you can’t do it all alone. Sure, you can do everything in your power to keep the plumbing system well-maintained, but the truth is that professionals can do much more. Therefore, hiring them for regular checkups is something you should absolutely do, aiming at keeping your systems working perfectly at all times, as well as identifying any problems on time, before they turn into bigger ones and before they cause serious damage to your home.

Regular Plumbing Maintenance

So, as explained already, caring for your plumbing systems is highly important, unless you want to deal with frequent and expensive repairs. While there are some things you can do alone to keep those systems working perfectly, you will also have to hire professionals for regular plumbing maintenance. By doing so, you’ll get high quality services regularly and you’ll be absolutely sure that there are no hidden issues with your systems that require attention. Of course, if the professionals do wind up discovering certain issues, they will also know how to deal with them and have them fixed before it all turns into a plumbing nightmare.

Now, while you do get the significance of hiring professionals for regular plumbing maintenance, chances are you’re not completely certain about how to hire the right ones in San Francisco. The great thing is that you’ll absolutely be able to find some great companies by searching for them online or getting suggestions from the people you know. And, once you do come across a few different companies you like, you should research them in greater details, checking their experience and reputation, as well as their availability and prices, aiming at making the perfect choice. Once you choose your pros, schedule their services and enjoy the fact that your plumbing system will be properly taken care of.

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