Roofing Inspirations for New Construction Homes

Modern homes have contemporary and classic roofing styles that create awe and make more people want to build. These styles are not limited and allow owners to explore their powers of imagination. To some, a roof represents their taste. Others want to create a striking statement, while others want to be trendy.

Modern architecture has allowed people to express themselves through their roof designs. Provided it does not go against the area’s building codes, creativity is allowed. What about those new to construction and want an impressive roof? Here are a few roof services you can look into to inspire you;

1. Flat Roofs

These are not new in the roofing sector, but their transition to adapt to the modern design makes them stand out. Flat roofs were common on old commercial buildings, but there used to be nothing added to the design to make it look appealing. To many people, it was a boring design they couldn’t consider unless while working on a tight budget.

Today, flat roofs are becoming a to-go-for choice because of their changes. Homeowners can show off their creativity by adding some decorations to this space. Instead of serving as a roof only, this space can also be used as a terrace. Think of dinners while enjoying the area’s view and the cool night breeze from your rooftop.

These roofs are called flat because they do not have a slope like the regular ones. To prevent flooding, a slight slope of about 100 is made. Proper drainage on these roofs is paramount to prevent flooding and pest infestation.

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2. Butterfly

This roof design is simply irresistible. It mimics a butterfly’s wings and possibly where it gets the name. Initially, people preferred this design because of its capacity to help with harvesting a lot of rainwater with minimal splashes.

The edges of a roof are raised, creating a central meeting point of the slope. Depending on the purpose, e.g., aesthetics or creating a bold statement, different roofing materials can help homeowners achieve their purpose.

3. Gable

It is a typical and classic roof style that most people can familiarize with. Although the design looks simple, it is not. Gable comprises two sloping to resemble a pitched roof. With this type of roof, a lot of lighting is allowed inside the house, making the occupants enjoy natural lighting. Also, this roof style provides a lot of space in the attic. 

4. Hip

Hip roofs were popular with the Italians. But, the design gained popularity to the rest of the world because of its simplicity and the ability to withstand hurricane winds. All the sides of a hipped roof slope downward, creating a shape of an abbreviated pyramid. Hip can be designed with different roofing materials to give any modern house a classic look despite being an ancient roof style.

5. The Dome

As the name suggests, these roofs take a dome shape. Dome roofs were popular in some traditional African communities, where the inspiration for the design probably came from. With some upgrades such as the roofing materials and house architectures, this roof style gives a property an admirable modern and creative finish.

It creates more room on the inside, giving the property better ventilation. Although they can be used in areas with different climatic conditions, domes are best in humid and hot climates. These roofs are also long-lasting depending on the roofing material used.

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6. Pitched

Roofs are sloped downwards in this design and away from each other. The slopping starts from the central ridge. It is steep and ideal for people that want to remain trendy while draining snow and rainwater away from the roof. 

Pitched roofs also take a minimalistic design and create a spacious attic.

7. Parapet

It is similar to the flat roof style but slightly different on where the walls end. A parapet roof is flat, but the walls extend beyond the roof level. Most property owners find it safe and install special drainage systems to ensure the roof does not retain water. Although the roof style is relatively new in the construction industry, it is quickly getting embraced across different regions.

Architects are becoming creative as homeowners look for trendy designs for their roofs. With the help of growing technology, many roofing designs are being invented. No specific design can be considered standard because even the Victorian ones are slowly fading. You can get some inspiration for a roof for your new home with this list. Be an informed homeowner. 

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