Roof restoration 101 – A comprehensive guide to your roofing needs 



Let’s get one thing straight of the bat. Roof restoration is your best choice if your roof is looking worn or it’s been leaking. Or maybe when the roof is nearing the end of the expected lifespan? Should you replace it entirely? No, our experts disagree! Contact Brisco Roof Restoration at the first signs of roof trouble.

Below are the reasons that you must read to know better, as to why roof restoration is beneficial compared to complete replacement. Let’s have a look!

It is economical

That is a no-brainer! Complete roof replacement costs more, a lot more. First, you have to factor in the existing roof needs to be removed first and then there will be expensive materials and labour charges included. On an average, the cost of roofing is $22 per square foot whereas for restoration you will need to spend around $9 per square foot. That is a bargain!

Extend your roof’s life

Commercial roofs are supposed to last around 20 years, and restoration can extend that to another happy 10-15 years depending on the quality of the job. Save on the capital or savings by going for the more economical choice.

Care for nature

Restore is more environmentally sustainable as millions of tons of roofing waste are dumped in landfills annually. Invest in roof restoration to go for the more environmentally friendly option, and you might earn your building an award or energy credit!

Tax benefits

Commercial roofs and their value depreciate on a 39-year schedule period, but roofs have the average lifespan of 20 years. Extending the life of the existing roof is wise. Moreover, restoration is maintenance expenditure whereas replacement is a capital expense. Pay less tax on maintenance and save a bunch of money.


Maintaining a regular inspection and restoration of the roof will make sure of the safety of the individuals living in and around the premises. With it comes to wear and tear and a small problem might escalate into something catastrophic both economically and in terms of human lives. Before you are forced in a complete replacement why not restore at the first signs of trouble?

What should you do?


The visual inspection

A simple starting point whether or not you need roof restoration is a personal inspection. A general visual inspection will suffice. You need to look out for standing water, tears, bubbles in the standing water, wet insulations, cracked seams and water stains and patches both inside and outside of the roof. Water stains, mould growths and damp odour are the clearest indications of water seepage. Roofing issues that look apparently tiny might escalate quite fast. So, make your inspections if you haven’t done already.

Getting the professional opinion

Getting a professional opinion is a must. It will ensure that your roof gets inspected by experts who will look for sagging issues and corrosion issues of the metal fittings and pipes. You will also get a confirmation on the cost of the restoration and the exact details of the restoration program.

It is ideal to go for a roof restoration than a complete roof replacement, and now you know why.


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