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Roof Repair  Or Roof Replacement?

Roof Repair Or Roof Replacement?

A roof replacement job could cost as much as $5,000 to $20,000. Shocking number isn’t it? While a roof repair could just cost a few hundreds of dollars, depending on the damage. The question, Repair or Roof Replacement? Is often faced with a great dose of indecision by homeowners, because of the cost they have to contend with. This explains why you see many managing a roof to the point where it is being overused and still not changed. They aren’t changing because they don’t want to, they aren’t changing it because of the depth it could dig in their pockets – and nobody wants that.

But it has become a struggle between the roofing industry and the homeowners because some roofing contractors inflate the price of repair to make the homeowner tilt towards changing the roof or they provide poor roof repair services, in which the roof would be begging for attention in little or no time.

As a homeowner, deciding on whether to replace the roof can be such a tough call, so we have decided to help you narrow it down on whether you should repair or replace with the following factors:

(1) Extent Of Damage Done

Extent Of Damage

As expected, this should come first. You should examine your roof properly and examine how bad it has gotten over time. If it is just a few faults here and there with no deep-seated problem noticed, you should go for repair. If the damage has gotten so bad that roof has lost its importance of shielding the household, then I think you should suck it up and save for a replacement; it may hurt now, but you will be happy for making that decision in the long run.

So in essence, change if the need be.

(2) Prospects Of Sale

Normally, your roof should span up to 10-15 years. But sometimes you end up changing it before it completes its lifespan because of what you stand to gain in the future. Of course, if you are planning to sell your house, you should consider the option of replacing your roof to a more recent and functioning one, that is if your roof is already wearing out and you can afford a change.

Replacement of an to one that is of top quality could make the value of your house appreciate. And because buyers are averse to liabilities, they will want to buy your home because they know they won’t be needing to change the roof anytime soon.

So, if you have it in mind to sell your house sooner than later, you can simply change your roof – if you can afford it – to elevate the value of your house in the real estate markets.

(3) The Quality Of The Roofing Contractors

The Quality Of The Roofing Contractors

In trying to answer the question, Roof Repair Or Roof Replacement? you should take into consideration, the quality of roofing contractors you are handling your roofing job to. Here are a few criteria you can use to grade them:

  • License – You should seek for license certificates of anyone that claims to be a roofing contractor before handling the job to them. They have been many cases of unlicensed contractors charging exorbitantly for a roofing job that they ended up doing poorly, and you don’t want to be a part of that statistic. For a roofing contractor to be licensed to undergo any operation regarding roofs, they must have been considered qualified.
  • Reviews – You can almost never go wrong with a good testimony from different people that have had a history with the roofing contractor you are about to hire. So by all means, ask questions about the roofing contractor and their services; if you get positive talks about them, then you should go ahead to hire them but if it is in the negative, I will advise you against hiring someone no one can vouch for to avoid regrets later on.
  • Guarantee – Some roofing contractors offer their clients a guarantee that lasts for a certain period, in which if there is any fault, they will come to fix This should give you a confidence boost as not many of them offer such to their clients. A roofing contractor that is confident enough to propose a guarantee is already sure of himself, and that is someone you should be investing in; because should in case there is any problem, they’ve got you covered.

Roof Repair or Roof Replacement?, whatever you decide on, be sure not to let the fear of cost cloud your judgement. Endeavour to do what’s best for your roof and for your comfort and also get the right professional to handle the job. Just in case you are on the search of a roofing contractor, you can cast all your roof related burdens to Boss Roofing and Siding; for we have got you covered.

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