Right Method of Choosing a Comfortable Mattress for a Healthy Sleep


Do you feel sweaty at night? Some people are born naturally as warm sleepers. Human body temperature rises and lowers every day. The temperature variation happens depending upon how tired we feel, and how easily we fall asleep. 

Studies show that people, who have less body temperature at night, are likely to sleep comfortably. On the other hand, people who have high body temperature will have an interrupted sleep cycle. Therefore, people who sleep hot must go for the best Alaskan king mattress. They’re available in different brands, price, and size.

A good and comfortable mattress is not a luxury, but a necessity. Your entire day, the behavior towards people, and your performance at work or home all day depends on how good your mattress is. A comfortable mattress will give you a good sleep. Good sleep brings positivity in life and changes everything with a healthy and fresh start in the morning. 

If you feel low in the morning and have a stiff neck or back, then you must buy a good mattress. Mattress is something that is not bought every day. Anyone sensible will change their mattress every 10 years even if it is firm and doesn’t sag. Still, many things are considered to be important. 

Couples don’t need to have the same taste in mattresses. If the husband is a warm sleeper, it could be possible that the wife is a cold sleeper. So instead of sacrificing, it is good to get a mattress that suits everyone’s needs. Mentioned below are few tips that may help in the near future when you plan to buy a new mattress –

After Sales Service 

When you buy a mattress of any brand, always look into their customer support. It is important because during installation or after using it, you may find some queries related to the mattress. You should know where to contact in case of any problem. 

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Material of the mattress

It is always good to know the material of your mattress. This is appropriate so that you know what you’re sleeping on and if it’s the right material for you. As mentioned above, if you’re a warm sleeper, you cannot sleep on memory foam as it retains heat and in the middle of the night you may feel the heat, but SmartGRID mattress has open grids that circulate the air keeping you fresh all day. 

Return Policy

The mattress might feel comfortable when you lie on it at the store for testing. However, will it feel the same when it reaches home? You should always confirm the return and refund policy. If they have a refund policy (which ideally every store has), then don’t forget to ask for a receipt that says they agree to return items with a refund. You don’t want to be stuck with a damaged or torn mattress. You would like it to buy from a store that is ready to help.

Motion Separation of the Mattress

Motion on a bed is something that your partner makes while moving or shifting on the bed. This motion often affects the sleep of the other partner. High-quality mattresses should have motion separation. This means when both parties are lying on the bed and if one person is moving, the other person will not feel a thing, even if he or she moves throughout the night. 

Mattress Size

King and queen size are quite popular among couples. However, it is still important to think over before choosing a size for your room. If you’re saying in a small bedroom flat, then you need a compact size mattress. If you’re staying in a large bedroom and have no plans of relocating, then a king-size mattress is just perfect. 

The quality of every mattress varies by its manufacturing and model. Mostly, a mattress lasts for at least 10 years, but there is no thumb rule. This is because a mattress of a guest room may last more than that, but your kid’s room might require a new mattress within 5-6 years. 

8-10 years is the average time that every retailer suggests. To prolong its years, keep them clean, vacuum regularly to remove all allergens and germs, keep rotating mattresses after every three either upside down or 180 degrees. This way, the mattress doesn’t sag from one place. 

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