Reversing the Mass-Layoffs Damage: How to Prepare for a Job Interview


The unthinkable happened. At the top of your email inbox read the subject line “Employment Termination.” You hurriedly opened the email up hoping against hope that the addressee of the email was someone else but your feelings were dashed when you saw that the addressee was, in fact, you. To figure out why in the world you were dismissed from your company, you took hold of your company laptop and tried to log in to it only to find out that you had been denied access. We get it. This sucks. That is why we are here to help you during this challenging period of your life. As your foremost priority right now should be securing a job, we have currently shifted our focus of writing on distributing information about acing the recruitment processes for people who have been recently laid off. Today, we will be giving you tips on how to ace your job interview.

But before we march forward to our first tip, we have to stress something which will make or break your productivity – it is essential for you to get high-speed internet. Here goes the logic: essentially, each day you are unemployed, you are losing out on a day’s worth of salary. Consequently, the sooner you get a new job, the better. As speed is such an important factor in this entire game of getting reemployed, it becomes imperative for you to apply for jobs at a fast pace, and for that, high-speed internet is essential considering how job search platforms run on the internet. Aint currently subscribed to a service that ensures high speeds? Switch! Our suggestion would be to opt for Xfinity’s internet as the brand never disappoints in terms of speed as well as consistency. Also, it very comprehensively and promptly caters to any issues that its subscribers face. Click here to view more about its excellent customer service.  

Now that we have told you about having the right internet infrastructure for applying for jobs effectively, let us go back to the topic at hand – how to ace your job interview.  

Do Your Research 

Now, this one is super important. It is so necessary to do your homework. Truth be told, an interview is not only a test of your communication skills but it is also an examination of your research skills. If you do not have the know-how for something that is asked of you, it reflects poorly on you. So, make sure you read the job description thoroughly and identify all your strengths, personality traits, skills, and experiences that may enhance your ability to perform the tasks mentioned in it. Closely study what you have written in your application submissions which not only include your resume but also your cover letter; employers often delve deep into what you have put down in those documents to gauge whether you have been truthful in them. Another thing you need to search for is the employer’s marketing collateral. This is because you will be convincing the employer about why you are a good fit not only for the role that is open but also for their company.  

Prepare for a Job Interview 1

Rehearse Your Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Now this one is super important. No matter how many notes you end up taking from the research you have done, you might still end up being puzzled about what to say during the all-important interview call. And that is why it is important to prospect the kinds of questions that you will be asked in the interview and then draft and rehearse answers for them. Some common interview questions include but are not limited to:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What role do you perform in the company you are currently working at?
  • What is your spirit animal? 
  • Describe your greatest challenge and how you overcame it.
  • What is your biggest achievement?
  • Tell me about your greatest weakness/strength.

Prepare Questions for Your Interviewer

Now, nothing in the interview is set in stone. But, if we were to make a guess about what will be included in your call, it would be you prompted to interview the interviewer at the end. For this reason, make sure you draft, at the very least, three interview questions that will appeal to your employer.

Wrapping Up

We cannot guarantee that you will secure your dream job by implementing the above tips but these important moments in life are all about giving your best. So get going on what we have guided you on; know that they have called you for an interview because they already liked your profile. 

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