Resolving AC Repair and Refrigerant Leak Issues in Newburgh NY


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Within the copper coils of the air conditioning system, a homeowner in Newburgh will find the refrigerant. It is the primary component of the unit that works to make the household cool. 

This element of the AC is not something that you refill since the system is a sealed unit sufficiently charged upon installation with standard annual maintenance performed in New York. If it’s low in this substance, there will likely be a leak.

Signs Of a Refrigerant Leak in The Air Conditioning System

The air conditioning system within a Newburgh, New York, household comprises a fundamental component referenced as refrigerant known for providing the cooling aspect to the home. It’s not something you can refill or replace since an air conditioning system is a sealed unit.

 If you find upon yearly preventative maintenance with a trusted provider like those at that the substance is low, the system likely has a leakage. Some signs that this is the case include:

  • There is hot air coming from the unit instead of cool. When the system is low on refrigerant, cooling the household will be an apparent struggle.
  • The evaporator coil will develop ice crystals. The substance becoming low causes the coil to become unusually cold, resulting in condensation that freezes on the coil.
  • The AC unit will produce a gurgle or hissing noise.
  • The house is not cooling despite setting the temperature to a lower setting.
  • The energy bill is exceptionally higher than average.
  • The unit will start but only run for a short period and shut off. That references as “shortcycling,” meaning there is a strain on the unit to function with the compressor becoming overheated, so the system goes into protection mode and shuts off.

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While the symptoms can result from numerous things, it’s essential to have a professional AC technician inspect, especially the refrigerant, to ensure that’s not the problem.

Refrigerant leaks are among the most common issues in the air conditioning industry. When there is a leak, the system will work harder to maintain a cool environment, creating higher energy costs. 

Without adequate repairs, the leaks will ultimately need servicing. For those who continue to charge the unit rather than reach out for service, the compressor can become damaged, resulting in the need for extensive repairs and significant expenses – if not a need for replacement of the unit altogether. 

While the cost of fixing leaking refrigerant is considerably more than system recharges, once these are corrected, there will no longer be a need to recharge the unit, saving money on repeated visits for these recharges. 

Air conditioning functions optimally when charged efficiently and not overly done or undercharged. Go here for guidance on refrigerant leakage repair.

Final Thought

A trained professional in Newburgh, New York, should assess for refrigerant leak and the underlying cause so the problem can be resolved thoroughly and then charge the system adequately. 

In this way, the system will then function at its peak performance with no further issues and no need for constant repairs until the following annual preventative maintenance check.

The priority is determining the root cause of the leak and ensuring that the problem is corrected. Without fixing that issue, the leaks could recur. It’s also vital to avoid continually running the air conditioning when there is leakage in the AC with the potential for extensive damages that result in the need for significant repairs and high expenses plus costly utility bills.

If you suspect a refrigerant leakage, the most cost-effective approach is to have it corrected right away.

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