Relocation Can be Cumbersome! Do not Forget the Important Aspects in the rush!

Moving to a new location is not only about packing and moving. This is something that most people completely forget about. You have to take care of so many things other than the actual move. Whether it is your first or tenth relocation, you are not a veteran! The professional moving company has a tad more experience in packing and moving. So, they know what needs to be paid attention to.

Moving company in Frederick, MD, like Blake & Sons Moving & Storage, is ever ready to help with the moving part of the relocation process. But, as you can see it is a process! There are many more aspects than just the packing, moving and unpacking. So, what are they? The professional movers have seen enough moving projects to know what needs your attention!

What Aspects Demand your Attention, As Told by the Professional Movers?

Professional Movers

You need to know that home packing services are definitely offered by the moving companies, but they know more than you expect. So, do not underestimate their knowledge. Have some faith on their expertise, because they have been in this line of business for a long time. Remember it is a gradual process; it needs to begin at least 8 to 6 weeks before the actual process. Here are some aspects that need your attention along with the packing and moving:

1. Speak with the Chosen Mover 6 to 8 weeks before the Move:

You need to talk to the chosen movers! They will come in for the survey. You also need to ask them that whether they will pack everything? Or, will you need to collect the packing supplies?! Some companies offer professional packing service, which means they bring with them everything that you need. Some companies do not! So, you need to be clear about what you will get and what you should get ready.

2. Start sending out Notifications 6 to 4 Weeks before the Move:

You need to inform certain places about your move. This needs to start at least 6 weeks before and should not be put off after the 4 week line. Here are some of the places to which you should send the notification of the move:

  • Post Office
  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Telephone
  • Laundry
  • Pharmacy
  • Trash Removal
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines

These are just some of the places. There are many more! Talk to your mover and they will direct you towards the full list.

3. Notify the Moving Company of any Alterations at least 2 to 3 Weeks before the Move:

A relocation agent can help liaise with the removalist and organise any new requirements that may have arisen during the pre-move process. Whether it is a Frederick MD moving company or movers from any other place, you should inform the mover about any last minute changes, like addition of stops or change in list of things to move! This will help them to get ready for the changes and have a hassle-free move.

4. Take care of Pets & Plants 1 to 2 Weeks before the Move:

If you have plants, you need to take care of how you are going to transport them. Suppose you do not plan to carry them to your new location, speak to friends and neighbours, who can take care of the plants. Pets need to be transported with care. So, make sure you have that sorted! Take them to the local vet for a thorough check-up, because some places might need certificate proof of aspects like Rabies-free.

5. Day before the Move:

You need to unplug all the electronic appliances at least 24 hours before the move. Empty out the cupboards, so that these can be packed and removed easily, otherwise precious time will be wasted. Create a list of items that have been serviced and not serviced before the move. This ensures that nothing is serviced twice in a short span of time (after all everything will seem confusing once the move is over)!

6. On the Day of the Move:

Once the movers reach your property, make sure that all things are packed into the right boxes and marked/labelled properly. After all the packing is completed, you will need to ensure that all things are loaded. Nothing should be left behind. A reputed packers and movers will never leave anything behind, but still have a look!

7. The Final Checklist:

  • Has water been shut down?
  • Have you turned the furnace off?
  • Have you taken your phones and chargers?
  • Are all the switches turned off?
  • Are the windows shut and locked?
  • Have you surrendered the keys to the property?

Now, you are ready to move on into the new home or office! Do not ever forget to check these before you move out. Otherwise, there is a high chance that something will be left behind. If you have a reputed mover by your side, they will definitely help you. But, it is your things that are being moved! So, always keep this checklist handy! Missing even a single thing can be unfortunate! Why risk it? Start preparing well ahead of the actual move day! This way nothing will be left till the last moment.

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