Reasons Why Opt For an Arborist to Help You with Tree Pruning

Trees add great value and are healthy for the community as a whole. But, just like our own body, for the trees to be beneficial to us in the long-run, we need to maintain them properly. For proper maintenance, we need the right persons who are trained and equipped to do the work efficiently and safely. Failing in this may be a risky affair for the tree as well as the untrained person performing the maintenance. There are many companies that offer this service , they are professional trained in providing proper maintenance for your trees and can easily provide you with a service that suits your needs.

Arborists, who are experts in tree removal, are specialized persons who know how to care for a tree considering the hurdles they have to face in Sydney, Australia. They know the science and skill of tree pruning inside out and know how to proceed with the whole thing. Now if you are a resident of Brisbane and want to hire a professional arborist in North Brisbane then click here.

Benefits Of Keeping Arborists

Professional and certified arborists should be hired for Tree Pruning Sydney. They will help minimize your investment in trees by providing various services like planting, pruning, removal, evaluation, expert advice and emergency tree care.

These certified arborists are experts at their work and know when and how to prune trees to keep up their good health, look and feel and are safe from pests and other rodents. Trees need pruning for many reasons. To start with, for young trees to develop a robust structure they need regular pruning. Pruning also increases light penetration and better air flow through the shade.

Further, through pruning, you can create a better tree structure to reduce chances of damages due to heavy rains or storms. You can also remove redundant weight at the end of the branches and create a more attractive shape even in a damaged tree.


If you are planning to plant trees in bulk, it is advisable to contact an arborist, who can tell you the right places to plant the right trees. They can also guide you on how to plant trees properly so that they grow well. If the placement of a plant is not correct, it may not grow at all. For example, some plants need more sunlight while others need more water.

Some trees may need more growing space; few others may need more protection from insects and diseases. If these factors are not taken care of initially, the plants may grow poorly or not grow at all. Tree planting at a large scale requires proper planning and skills, which only a certified arborist has.

Health Care

Proper preventive measures and maintenance assure a tree’s sound and robust structure and overall well-being. Trees that are well-maintained are stronger and more immune to insect attacks, diseases and external problems like site conditions, particularly in urban settings that are more polluted and hence more stressful on trees. Arborists suggest maintenance efforts such as frequent health and safety assessment, spray or injection program to keep away insects or diseases, proper air flow to enhance root growth, capping or bracing to give additional support to branches which are weak, pruning, timely irrigation, and fertilization.

Emergency Tree Services

Even after timely preventive and corrective measures and maintenance, there are situations we can’t control. Natural calamities like storms or earthquakes may cause the weaker limbs or entire trees to fall, impacting the adjacent trees, buildings, cars or even humans. Trees are extremely heavy, and it can be a tedious and dangerous task to trim or remove them without help from an arborist who offer tree service assistance, more so because it may also pose a risk of further damage to people or property.

Additionally, trees and limbs that get entangled in power lines or other structures during storm, rain or due to some other unforeseen event need to be handled with utmost care. A person who is in contact with live wires is at high risk and should fully be aware of what he is doing as trees are good conductors of electricity. Call your local power supplier in such cases where power lines are involved.


The removal of trees should be the last option when nothing else can be done. Many Certified Arborists conduct a Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ). Only after these uniquely qualified persons conduct a risk assessment and provide relief measures including removal, we can decide on the best course of action. If removal is the only option, arborists have the necessary experience and equipment to do it with care and caution.

Arborists may suggest removal in cases when the tree poses an irreparable hazard or is replaced by a more suitable alternative, when a particular tree negatively impacts the other trees, or when the tree is decaying or dead. Sometimes a tree is removed when it is hindering with a construction or development site.

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