Reasons Why Metal Roofing is an Eco-Friendly Choice


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Longer Lifespan with a Metal Roof

Common, high-grade asphalt roofing can last up to about 30 years. With that, just about every roofing company will only cover the roof under a 15 to 20-year warranty, which is standard for an asphalt roof. But when dealing with metal roofing, on the other hand, you can count on a much longer roof life, as it can last for about 60 years or more, so you can benefit from two or three times the expected lifespan of an asphalt roofing system.

Metal Roofing is Recyclable

You are helping the environment when you go with a metal roof. Ordinarily, when you have a standard roof, all the wood or asphalt shingles end up in a landfill site, contributing to environmental decay. Depending on the metal roofing manufacturer, you can expect your metal roof to include 30 to 100 percent recycled material.

Great Energy Efficiency in Metal Roofing

Metal roofing panels offer a wonderful way to save on your energy consumption. A metal roof can collect rainwater that you can store and use for a variety of purposes, from gardening to watering house plants, and more. So you can reduce your water bill considerably.

Metal Roofing

A Metal Roof Can Maintain the Value of a Home

There has been a steady rise in interest in metal roofing over the years by homebuyers and investors. So metal home roofing is becoming more popular, increasing the value of a home anywhere from one to six percent. This trend will continue as more people try to do their best to save the environment.

Metal Roof Panels Require Less Maintenance

Probably the best benefit of a metal roofing system is that a high degree of maintenance is not required, as it is durable against the elements and long-lasting. You can expect an asphalt roofing system to require regular maintenance, which can add up significantly in the long run. That’s why Worthouse Metal Roofing Manufacturers recommends and provides top-quality metal roofing.

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