Reasons to Consider Upgrading to Impact Windows


Upgrading to Impact Windows 1

Impact windows and doors are typically associated with hurricane protection, but there are numerous other advantages to installing them in your home. Impact windows are another name for impact-resistant windows. They use sturdy frames with impact-resistant laminated glass and a unique silicone glazing method to prevent the glass from breaking away from its frame. Two panes of glass are joined together with a special interlayer of transparent polyvinyl butyral to form impact-resistant glass.

Even when wind-borne debris or an attempted break-in may smash the glass on impact, the interlayer maintains the overall window intact, preventing damaging winds or intruders from entering your home. Below are the key advantages of installing impact-resistant windows in your house.

Better protection 

Installing weather-resistant windows is vital for protecting your house against extreme weather conditions like hurricanes, storms, and strong winds. Impact windows offer improved long-term defense against storms by deflecting any projectiles Mother Nature may send you. Tropical storm rainfall or heavy debris won’t be able to enter your house. 

Impact windows and doors safeguard your property from threats and dangers other than hurricanes and the debris they fling around. The windows and doors have multiple layers of glass, making penetration practically impossible. So, indeed, even a thief with a crowbar cannot enter your house. 

Energy efficiency

One of the most annoying expenses for homeowners is utility bills. It can be expensive and quickly increase during extreme weather conditions. This is particularly true in the summer when temperatures are at their highest. Impact windows feature a tighter seal and are well-insulated. 

The impact glass window stops heat loss during chilly winter evenings so that you can keep warm all night. Regardless of the weather outside, impact-resistant windows reduce energy costs by maintaining indoor temperatures. This indicates less energy is leaking from your house, decreasing your bills. The heating and cooling systems consequently exert less effort, extending their lifespan.

Upgrading to Impact Windows 2

Noise insulation

Noise reduction is another perk of impact windows and doors. This is because of the extra thick glass layer and the sealing design. The PVB layer performs the dual functions of isolating outside noise and preventing storm debris from entering your home. You will appreciate a quieter, distraction-free living atmosphere with these windows. 

UV protection

If your carpet, wood, pictures, and fabrics are exposed to direct sunlight, the sun’s UV radiation could harm them. The good news is that sun protection is a benefit of impact windows and doors. With impact, windows, furniture, and carpet fading and discoloration from UV rays will be issues of the past. You will be shielded from both sun damage and hurricanes, along with your possessions, all at once.

Reductions on insurance

Insurance firms assess premiums according to particular risks. With impact-resistant windows, you can defend yourself from the elements and criminal activity, which lowers your risk. Due to the increased safety, the insurance provider may frequently give you a reduction in your premiums. 

Final Words

These benefits will apply if you swap out your standard windows for impact-resistant ones. Impact-resistant windows can help you improve your home’s energy efficiency and safeguard the building’s envelope simultaneously.

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