Reasons That Roofing Materials Matter


Roofing Materials Matter

As you would expect, a roof needs to be constructed with durable materials that stand the test of time, and while there are some innovative composites available, clay and slate are still the most popular roofing materials. If you are planning a new build and are looking at the various roofing materials, there is much to consider and with that in mind, here are the top reasons roofing material is a critical choice.


This is the number one requirement for a roof. A slate roof would be guaranteed for no less than 25 years, which brings you peace of mind and should there ever be any issues, the roofing contractor would put it right. A regular clay tiled roof might last you 15 years, depending on the installation, while a metal roof will outlast any other.

Not all roofing contractors work with slate, but those that do would have a team of skilled tradesmen who only install and repair slate roofing. If you want a roof that will last a lifetime, contact a reputable Sydney slate roof installation specialist. If you live elsewhere, you can check out your city. You are bound to find a roof specialist with great reputation in the local community. 

Protecting Your Investment

Your home will likely be the biggest single investment that you will ever make and a leaking roof can cause a lot of property damage. If your roof has seen better days and you are unsure what to do about it, a local roofing firm can tell you what options you have. A minor repair is not going to cost much, but if the roof structure is old, it might be best to carry out a re-roofing project. The roofer would inspect the roof and advise accordingly and if there are several options, you would be made aware.

Slate: The Perfect Solution

Despite the arrival of composite materials, good old slate is still number one when it comes to residential roofing. There are numerous shades to choose from; search online for an established roofer that specialises in slate solutions and make an appointment for the tradesman to pay you a home visit. For further reading on the benefits of a slate roof, a quick search online should lead you to related articles.

Storm Damage

Why Is Slate So Popular? 

Premium slate looks distinguished, adding character to any property, while it is very hardy and has good thermal insulation. When a new slate roof is finished, it looks stunning with lead or stainless-steel flashing. Any established slate roofer would have many fine images of previous projects, which is bound to give you some inspiration.

Storm Damage

If you live in a coastal region, your home is probably in the path of a few mega-storms and after a heavy storm, you should inspect the roof, as flying debris can seriously damage a roof. If a roof is correctly installed, it should handle serious winds and with some TLC, your roof will always protect your home.

When choosing a roofing contractor for a new slate roof, you should invite several companies to quote for the project, plus they would each have their own ideas about design, so it is good to compare proposals.

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