Railroad Apartment of Brooklyn Artist Matt Austin

A carelessly arty apartment Or maybe artistically neglected.

Whatever be the apartment of Brooklyn artist Matt Austin presents the two facets: a neglected style with some walls of pretty dirty grey and an arty spirit with notably sets of colours on the doors.

We equally find this mixture in the friends’ office/ room, in which Matt Austin has painted a fresco representing the pyramids of Egypt, in grey tones that give a dirt effect of. To complete the atmosphere he installed a bed inherited from his family and a portrait of his ancestor.

And what audacity than this two tone colour atmosphere grey anthracite and yellow taxi in the room! This two tone colour highlights some antique objects like an old anchor of marine and two snakes mirrors. The very classic bed placed in the middle of the room with the two windows in headboard, is covered with a quilted patterned blanket which by far evokes me the style “wax”. While it is not at all its origin. Maybe it’s his association with yellow that gives me this feeling.

classic serpentine pattern floor vintage room

two tone wall color with vintage Mirror

Small Bedroom Yellow walls Wooden Floor

wooden kitchen shelving

custom design wood table and she

Railroad Apartment of Brooklyn Artist Matt Austin

Wooden Bust Small Pot

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