Pros And Cons Of The Top 4 Popular Roofing Materials


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Our ancestors longed for shelters that can withstand the elements and a place they could call their home. This is why we are so connected to places and like having a safe home at all times. In order to have a truly safe home, you need a home with a steady and stable roof.

Now, there are plenty of options out there for roof materials, and it is easy to get lost in them. In this short article, you will see the pros and cons of the top 4 popular roofing materials. With these pros and cons of different materials, it is important to see what fits your unique needs the best


Metal roofs are deemed as one of the most stable roofs in the long term. However, nothing lasts forever and it is important to know the major causes of a metal roof leak before choosing one. For example, if you live in a rainy area, a metal roof will be more prone to rust. However, another pro of metal roofs is how easy they are to maintain. Well, cleaning a roof is not that easy, but compared to other materials, metal roofs stand out.

Asphalt Shingles

The major pro of asphalt shingles is their price, they are the cheapest out of the bunch. These shingles are also quite easy to install because they are so light and require minimal prep work. However, asphalt shingles are more prone to wind damage and they will crack sooner or later. Asphalt for shingles is not a heavy-duty material that will succumb to damage. They are also, as the name implies, made from asphalt, a non-eco-friendly material.


Slate is the most popular roof material because of its durability and beauty. Stone is quite beautiful and it is especially more beautiful in different colors in the rain. Stone is also quite durable and it will not crack so easily, just look at some historic buildings and their roofs. However, slate can be quite expensive and slate tiles are quite heavy. If your home can’t handle the weight of this roof, the walls will start to crack and that is dangerous.


Clay tiles are the best if you want to add a historic touch to your house. They are also great for rustic homes and clay tiles are also more functional than asphalt shingles. Clay is quite solid and durable and it is cheaper than slate. However, you need to watch out for the quality of the clay, it can differ dramatically. Clay tiles also take a lot of time to set up because it is a delicate process.

Popular Roofing Materials 2

These are some of the pros and cons regarding popular roofing materials, but there is more. However, these pros and cons are only important when put in the context of your unique needs. There is no one definitive best, the holy grail of roof materials.

You are the only one who can assess which roof is the best for you but under some conditions. You need to do this with good information and good logic behind roofing materials. With proper knowledge and critical thinking, you will be able to choose the best roofing material.

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