Props, Posing, and Styling Ideas for Newborn Photography


Newborn Photography

When it comes to newborn photography, props and posing can significantly improve the quality of photos. But working with newborn babies can be daunting, considering how small and delicate they are. You’ll need to know how to safely pose the baby and get a creative photo without causing stress. To help you out, we’ve made a quick guide to newborn photography props, posing, and styling.

Props for Newborn Photography

Props are great for adding creativity in newborn photography. They can also help keep the baby warm and comfortable during the photoshoot. Common props include:

  • Hats
  • Headbands
  • Baskets
  • Swaddles
  • Pillows
  • Soft toys

Hats come in a variety of colors and can be matched to the background or theme of the scene. Headbands are a great way of accessorizing the newborn with cute little flowers or beads. Plush toys are also handy and give the newborn something to snuggle with during the photoshoot.

Baskets and pillows are good for showing just how small the baby is and help with safe posing in newborn photography. Wraps, blankets, and swaddles add color and cover any rashes or skin discoloration. Blankets and swaddles also make newborn photography easier as they help keep the baby in position and reduce the need for complex angles or image cropping, which is common in nude newborn photography.

Posing for Newborn Photography

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Posing is the most challenging aspect of newborn photography. A baby is fragile, and you need to avoid putting any stress on their neck or back. Props and poses improve the quality of photos but always put safety first. The back, side, and tummy poses are the safest and easiest to use in newborn photography.

The back pose is natural for newborns. Just lay the baby on their back, making sure that it is supported, and rest their hands on their tummy. This position is great for taking full-length photos as well as detailed shots of the newborn’s cute little toes and soft tufts of baby hair. The side pose has similar benefits. Carefully let the baby rest their head on one arm with their legs crossed. Make sure there’s no tension in their neck when you turn their head into position.

Placing the newborn on their tummy is good if you want to take photos from several different angles. Lay the baby on their tummy with their head gently resting on their hands. The baby’s arms and legs should be tucked in, which creates a peaceful look and prevents unwanted exposure if the newborn is naked.

Styling for Newborn Photography

Styling for Newborn Photography

Newborn photography is usually described as being posed or lifestyle. Lifestyle photography is more candid and typically occurs on-location in the home. Posed newborn photography is easier to do in a professional photographer’s studio.

Seasonal themes in posed newborn photography are a cute way of showing when the baby arrived. Fruits and flowers will help create a seasonal atmosphere. For example, swaddle the newborn in a bountiful harvest basket to evoke the essence of autumn. Or use a daisy headband and soft pastel blankets for a springtime theme. Faux foliage is pretty easy to find, so there are endless possibilities for using it in newborn photography.

Personal interests or hobbies can also be used in newborn photography. You can find all sorts of cute props and novelty items online or at craft stores. From crocheted Yoda ears to Superman capes, it’s just a matter of preference. Or try posing the newborn next to everyday items, like a favorite instrument or sporting gear. These items are great for adding a personal touch to newborn photography.

With lifestyle newborn photography, you’ll get more natural, candid pictures. These photos are centered on showcasing the newborn with their family and evoking a sense of intimacy. As such, lifestyle newborn photography involves fewer props and preparation than themed photoshoots—a cozy blanket or bed are the only props you need.

There are many variations in newborn photography but as long the baby is kept safe and comfortable, you’re guaranteed to snap some adorable photos that commemorate this special time.

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