Projects to Complete Before Selling Your Northeastern Wisconsin Home in Summer 2023


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Are you preparing to sell your home in Northeastern Wisconsin this summer? In addition to working with knowledgeable local experts who can help you accurately price you home and market it well, the success of your sale depends on your preparation.

Before selling our home this summer, add these tasks to your to do list.

1. Pressure wash exterior

After a long winter of snow storms and moisture, the exterior of your home is likely ready for a deep clean. Rent a pressure washer and clean the exterior of the home, including exterior walls, walkways, patios, decks, retaining walls, play structures, and anything else that needs some attention. Pay careful attention to the instructions to avoid stripping paint or causing other damage.

2. Carpet cleaning

If your home has carpets that you do not plan to replace, take the time to thoroughly clean them before selling. Renting a commercial grade steam cleaner is worth your while, as it is likely better than a household machine you currently have. You can also choose to hire a professional team to take care of this for you, but if you decide to DIY the project, follow these steps:

  • Vacuum thoroughly to remove all lose dirt, debris, and pet dander. Depending on the condition of your carpets and the presence of pet in the home, you may need to vacuum a few times in high traffic areas to fully prep for carpet cleaning.
  • Spot treat any visible stains with stain remover, following directions to agitate the stain and remove as much of it as possible.
  • After preparing the carpets with the first two steps, it’s time to run the steam cleaner. Focus on high traffic areas and follow all directions. You may need to go over high traffic areas like stairs, hallways, and doorways multiple times for the best results.

A thorough carpet cleaning is the next best thing to new carpets, and will minimize the potential to distract your buyers with odors, stains, and a general appearance of wear and tear.

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3. Curb appeal

You’ve heard it before: curb appeal is an essential component of a successful home sale. Focus on boosting your home’s curb appeal with these seasonal tips:

  • Keep up with lawn care and weeding
  • Replace any dead or struggling plants with something new and healthy
  • Add pops of color with potted plants or annual flowers
  • Clean or repaint the mailbox
  • Refresh patio seating with new cushions and pillows, or give the existing ones a deep clean
  • Stage your entryway with a subtle wreath, fresh welcome mat, and clean patio

4. Painting

Not all homes need to be repainted before selling, but it’s safe to say that most do. If it’s been more than a couple years since you last painted, you have bold color choices in the home, or there are any chips or damage to the current paint, it’s time to freshen it up.

Be realistic with yourself about the time and skill you can dedicate to repainting your home. In some cases, this is a great time to hire a team of professionals to tackle the project in just a couple of days. If you decide to paint yourself, make sure you can do a professional-looking job.

Choosing paint colors for selling can be a challenge. While you may be tempted to go for something fun and bold, the best choice is usually a neutral. Something that will appeal to a wide range of buyers is going to be in your best interest.

5. Pre-listing inspection

Greg Dallaire, Green Bay Realtor says, “A pre-listing inspection can be an ideal way to buy some peace of mind, allowing you to avoid unpleasant surprises. You can hire a licensed home inspector to conduct an inspection similar to what your buyers will request, and get a fuller understanding of the condition of your home. In the best case scenario, this inspection report will give you the all clear and allow you to market your home as one that has been pre-inspected with no issues, and even offer a copy of the inspection report to your potential buyers.”

If the home inspection does reveal an issue with the home, this is still ultimately a good thing. You can then decide if you would like to disclose the issue and offer a credit toward the repair or replacement, lower the purchase price to reflect the issue, or deal with it before listing and advertise with the repair. The more information you have, the more options you have to be strategic and prepare for a successful home sale.

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