Preparing For A DIY Move

If you’ve just purchased your very first home, you may be dreading all the potential issues that can arise. Whether you are moving down the road or to a completely different area, you will have to plan your move carefully to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. While hiring a moving company generally costs a small fortune, it is most likely that you are searching for methods to reduce moving costs as much as possible. Buying a home is by no means a cheap decision, which is why you should consider DIY moving solutions that will help you save significantly. Here is how you can plan a DIY move.

Doing It Yourself

Doing It Yourself

Rather than spending money on a moving company that may be careless when transporting your goods, you should consider doing it all yourself. You will be able to pack your own belongings and take extra care when packing fragile items, which will ultimately give you peace of mind in knowing your things have been packed correctly. What’s more, you will also be able to organize your items categorically to make unpacking less of a tedious task. You could also ask for assistance from friends and family members to get the job done faster, should you need to.

Transporting Your Own Things

You won’t have too much of a problem transporting smaller boxes of items and your clothing with your car, although you will need another solution to move your furnishings and larger items. You can use this quote tool to compare truck rental deals. It is best to assess your options when it comes to renting a truck for a DIY move as you will be able to choose from different truck sizes. If you are hoping to reduce your costs as much as possible, you could consider renting a smaller truck and transporting your smaller items yourself. However, you should take into account that travelling multiple times back and forth would increase your fuel costs.

Unpacking In Order

Unpacking In Order
Once you have managed to transport all your belongings to your new home, it is best to unpack your belongings in order. This means you should unpack items from one room before moving onto the next room. It will be chaotic to open various boxes from various areas of your new home and unpack over time. If you have marked all your boxes accordingly and packed in a categoric fashion, you will be able to unpack without much hassle. While you are unpacking you should ensure you start unpacking areas such as the kitchen and the living area first as you will likely be using these areas more than a second bedroom or a dining area.

Insuring Your Move

You may not be able to purchase insurance for your belongings while moving yourself to your new home, although, you will be able to take control of your move. Even though movers often provide insurance options, you will find that a DIY move generally does not require insurance as you will be responsible for your move.

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