Power Practical: Top Ways to Use Rope Lights in Your Bedroom


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LED lighting is an easy, efficient way to spruce up any room. Rope lights are useful in bedrooms of all sizes, bringing modern charm to any space. If you’re looking for a low-effort, high-impact way to do up your bedroom, there are a lot of ways to incorporate rope lights into your decor. This post explores some of them, as well as answering some frequently asked questions about rope lighting.

  • What are rope lights?
  • How do I use rope lights?
  • Rope light ideas for bedrooms 
    • Illuminate your bed
    • Accentuate your art
    • Create rope light accent walls
  • Frequently asked questions about LED rope lights 
    • Can you leave LED rope lights on all night?
    • What is the difference between rope lights and strip lights?
    • Can you cut a rope light to length?
  • How can Power Practical help light my bedroom?

What Are Rope Lights?

Rope lights are any kind of light that exists as a string. This can include stick-on bias lighting such as the Luminoodle Color Bias Lighting, thin wires with LED lights scattered throughout, or plastic tubing with lights inside (like the Luminoodle Color). Some rope lights are made for indoor use only, while others can be used outdoors as well. LED rope lights come in a variety of lengths and colors, so you can be sure that at least one will fit your space.

How Do I Use Rope Lights?

Rope lights can dramatically improve the appearance of nearly any space. Simply choose and place your lights, attach it to your preferred power source (as different systems are powered by electric plugs, battery packs, and even USB), and turn them on. Some rope lights include clips, adhesive, or magnets that you can use to attach them to a surface; other lights require you to provide this attachment. Either way, make sure you can easily access the power switch before you do the final placement!

Rope Light Ideas for Bedrooms

There is a huge variety of ways to use LED rope lights for bedrooms, and some of them are certainly attention-getting.

Illuminate Your Bed

Rope lights can make any bed into a magical place, even once you’ve outgrown blanket forts. Here are some suggestions for ways to use rope lights to improve your bed:

  • Use colored bias lighting behind your headboard and under your bed to provide a gorgeous, indirect glow at night
  • Apply rope lighting to the ceiling area above your bed
  • Use rope lighting to create a canopy over your bed
  • Wrap rope lighting around the posts of a four-poster bed

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Accentuate Your Art

If your bedroom has a large mirror inside it, consider lining the mirror with LED rope lights. This creates a beautiful glow that brings attention to the mirror and improves how you look when you’re in front of it.

If you have items on display in shadow boxes, add bias lighting to the inside of the box for extra illumination. Alternately, you can hang art directly from many types of rope light using clothespins or paper clips. If you have rope lighting, you can arrange it on the outside of framed art as well, creating a lovely “double frame” effect.

Create Rope Light Accent Walls

If you have a lot of space on your bedroom walls, you can get truly creative with rope lights. Use the lights to draw a picture or spell out a word on your bedroom wall. You can use color-changing LED rope lights to change the mood of your entire bedroom with just the press of a button. Use accent lighting around your door frame or the corners of your ceiling to get light into those hard-to-light spaces. The sky is the limit!

Frequently Asked Questions About LED Rope Lights

Many people have questions about rope lights and their use; this post aims to answer some of the most common ones.

Can you leave LED rope lights on all night?

Yes, you can leave most LED rope lights on all night. Properly designed LEDs don’t get hot with use, so you don’t have to worry about overheating, and they use power very efficiently, which means you don’t spend a huge amount on your energy bills by leaving them on.

What is the difference between rope lights and strip lights?

LED strip lights tend to be brighter than rope lights, and they come with adhesive that allows you to stick them anywhere. Rope lights tend to be less bright, but more flexible, and they come in longer lengths. And rope lights are flexible, omnidirectional, and ideal for decorative lighting, while LED strip lights offer more versatility in terms of customization, directionality, and applications. Your choice between the two will depend on your specific lighting needs and preferences.

How Can Power Practical Help Light My Bedroom?

There are huge variety of lighting options to help you improve any space. Rope lights are great for both indoor and outdoor spaces, and it comes with universal ties and magnetic sliders to help you place it anywhere. 

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