Post-Pandemic Interior Design | Why Is It Important To Choose “Safe” Materials?”


For sure, we are living in a period of immense fluctuations. So the main question or worry is how the pandemic will affect our homes and workplace? What are the safe materials that will be used in the future after the post-pandemic period? Eco Friendly construction material will reduce the probabilities of pandemics or another architectural vinyl film that will prevent the attack by bacteria, fungi, or other microorganisms in our homes, hospitals, and workplaces.

The first belief was that nobody was habituated to live at home all day. Optimistically, this time is not going for long-term but societies will finally realize the significance of safe interior design. Planning safe interior designs with eco-friendly stuff is a matter of quality of life, of carrying wellness into our homes and hospitals.

In this article, we will explore more about post-pandemic fascinating interior trends focused by the pandemic crisis, that are going to variate quickly how we live and design our workplaces and homes too.

How Antimicrobial Architectural Films Control the Spread of Infectious Agents?

Germs need dampness to multiply. An antimicrobial architectural film is water-resistant and forms a fence against humidity. During washing processes, as well as in the presence of moisture, different germ-killing agents are unconstrained from the upper layer of the film. These killing agents come into interaction with the bacteria spoiling their metabolism and interposing their production mechanism, causing their damage.

Certain architectural films like from our manufacturer Hyundai L&C (Korea) help in blocking and destroying the growth of fungi and  bacteria, preventing them from multiplying between two cleaning and disinfection operations.

Complete Solution to Inhibit Microbial Growth

Protect your ground surfaces and construct your status as a hygienic, alarmed, and responsible business for community protection using (antimicrobial films) architectural films.

These long-lasting antimicrobial architectural film solutions constantly hinder the development of bacteria, mold, and fungus. Antimicrobial film tools offer harmless and effective antimicrobial clarifications to fight contagious growth in our daily lives. This technically refined and excellent architectural film offers an actual and long-lasting shield for your hospitals, offices, public places, and marketable buildings. It can be useful under any conditions or post-pandemic situation and in any locality with high hygienic requirements.

Vinyl Surface Architectural Films


As the name shows, it is a film that can be applied to nearly any flat, firm surface to clean and transform it at a segment of the cost of replacement. The architectural film can be utilized on smooth surfaces that the vinyl will link to. This contains counters, doors, compartments, lifts, lockers and window structures, and much more. The opportunities are almost limitless with the potential to renovate a relaxed environment.

The following are the numerous vinyl films used for architectural purposes and renovation projects.

  • LG Hausys,
  • 3M Di-Noc,
  • Avery Facade
  • Cover Styl’
  • Nelcos

The popular application of vinyl films or eco-friendly materials can be observed in offices, hospitals, banks, lobbies, restaurants, rooms, stores, shops, etc.

What are the benefits of using architectural vinyl films during interior design?

There are tons of benefits for using films because these are safe and significant during post-pandemic interior designing.

Resistant to Pathogens

These films are resilient to scratch, chemicals, discoloration, they are all fire-rated, and also have antibacterial properties in them therefore, these are ideal for hospitals.

There is a huge range of colors and textures available that can rapidly and efficiently convert your interior surfaces like fabric, metal, concrete, marble, glitter, and many more. These materials are eco-friendly and people like these and consider them safe and reliable for their loved ones.


Eco Friendly: Renovation rather than replacement decreases waste regarding landfill and transport. It may reduce the chances of bacterial or virus dispersal.

Cost Saving: Reduces interruption during installation associated with a full replacement. Also cost-effective and everyone can use these architectural films to keep their family safe and sound.

Fire Resistant: All vinyl films are fire verified.

Durability: Will endure daily wear and tear without shedding, scrabbling, or staining. These can easily be sanitized by using alcohol-based liquids but reduces the humidity so that fungus or bacteria couldn’t flourish there.

No Dirt or Dust: Preparation and fitting are swift and hygienic. No dirt, no dust, no noise.

Mess and disturbance during a renovation can be a main interruption to any task.

Moreover, along with the vinyl films the paint shields or coating are also important in designing. These protective coating films may reduce the bacteria and fungus to grow up and affect your health risks. By using these antimicrobial architectural films, you can save the life of your loved ones and workers. The paint shields help in easy sanitization of the surfaces and reduce the moisture content so that pathogens can’t be retained there. Eco-friendly material will become more trendy during renovation in post pandemic interior designing.

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