Planning To Do A Bathroom Renovation? Here Are 9 Things That You Should Prioritize

A bathroom renovation or even a small bathroom upgrade significantly improves the feel and look of the area without needing a hefty amount of money. But your bathroom renovation projects can become expensive if you aren’t careful enough with your choices and decisions during the process. 

Using a construction loan is a perfect way to fund bathroom renovations. Calculate your bathroom remodelling budget to determine your affordability beforehand; you can also check Alpine Credits for more information on funding your renovation. Here are the top factors you should consider when remodelling your bathroom.  

Install a freestanding bathtub 

In-built deck bathtubs are a bygone era. They consume a lot of space and provide less value to homeowners. Freestanding bathtubs are a perfect alternative to deck bathtubs. Moreover, they are easy to reface, timeless, and elegant. 

However, freestanding tubs may not be feasible for everyone as some people may not find it convenient to get them in and out for use. So make your choice accordingly. Also, check and compare the prices of different freestanding bathtub styles and designs. 

Add toilet upgrade to the list

Bathroom remodelling is a perfect opportunity to switch the basic elements of your bathroom with more luxurious ones. For example, you may add a bidet as a replacement for toilet paper. You may even consider replacing the old toilet seat with an advanced model. 

Modern toilet designs come with self-cleaning automatic flushing, heated seats, and other smart features. 

Replace overmount sink with an Undermount Sink

The sleek design of the undermount sink adds luxury to the space. And on top of that, they are easier to clean than the traditional overmount sinks. Undermount sinks mount from the bottom of the countertop and consume less countertop space. They enhance the space’s overall appeal and will impart an upgraded look to your bathroom. 

Incorporate a steam shower into your bathroom 

A little self-care never hurts anyone. A steam shower will be a great addition to your newly renovated bathroom and enhance your daily self-care routine. Steam showers allow homeowners to enjoy an incredible spa experience at home. 

You could even incorporate lighting, aromatherapy, and some high-tech features such as Wi-Fi into the space for an ultimate experience. The only downside is that steam showers don’t come cheap. But you’ll certainly not regret adding this upgrade to your bathroom remodelling project. 

Bathroom 2

Make space for a medicine cabinet

Not many people think of adding a medicine cabinet to their bathrooms, but it’s definitely worth your consideration. The modern designs of the medicine cabinets are not only appealing but also consume less space. High-end medicine cabinets also include USB ports for charging electric toothbrushes.

Don’t compromise with the lighting of the space 

Simply having bulbs above the bathroom vanity isn’t enough. It will not bring out the best look of your bathroom space. Vanity lighting is one of the critical elements of bathroom space. A good lighting setting enhances the overall aura of the space and makes it ideal for personal grooming. 

There are multiple bathroom lighting options in the market today. You may add ambient lighting fixtures, accent lighting, and install shower lighting. Just use your creativity and experiment with the light fixtures. The setting should be both appealing, functional and within your budget. 

Experiment with the colour scheme 

Gone are the days when the colour scheme for bathroom space was limited only to neutral tones. Bathroom space is as important as any other room of the house, and you can reap countless benefits from using the colour scheme smartly. So feel free to choose the colours that’ll add happy vibes to your bathroom space. 

For example, you could get the bathroom cabinets painted bright green, add dark walls, install pink tiles to the walls, or install vinyl flooring. Experiment with the different colours you love. Make sure everything coordinates with each other perfectly. 

Every colour and style will bring out an excellent look if it aligns with your liking and taste. Remember that bathroom renovation is an expensive affair and won’t happen again anytime soon. So take your time choosing the different elements and colours during the renovation.

Incorporate baskets, hooks, and other storage solutions into the remodelled bathroom 

Adding storage solutions to the bathroom is important, and it’s got to be one of the important elements of your bathroom remodelling project. It will save you from trouble at times when you may forget to carry one or the other elements to the shower area. Even compact bathrooms can accommodate small storage installations such as baskets or hooks. 

Alternatively, you can incorporate floating shelves along with a tiny medicine cabinet. Bathroom storage cabinets are a wonderful option for keeping extra shampoo bottles, towels, toothbrush holders, and other bathroom essentials.

Install a bathroom fan for ventilation 

Ventilation fans are a great addition to the bathroom area. So if your bathroom doesn’t have one, make sure to prioritize it on your bathroom renovation to-do list. Fans are essential for air circulation, which means they’ll prevent mold formation in the bathroom. Plus, they also reduce humidity and moisture. It’s an essential element, especially in the bathrooms with a steam shower system. 

Ensure the bathroom fan exhausts to an open area of your home, not the attic. And the best part is that you won’t have to worry about the noise. Modern fans are quiet and are highly effective at reducing moisture from the area. 


Design and functionality are the most important elements in a bathroom renovation. It’s all about making the space more efficient and practical for use. 

Besides the above factors, water is another crucial element you must take care of during the renovation process. Invest in the best quality shower fixtures and faucets to ensure a smooth water supply. Compare the material, quality, consumption or flow rate, ease of replacement and accessibility to repair parts to find the best product at the given price.

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