Pipe Relining in 2021 & Beyond


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Trenchless pipe relining is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and easy solution to the problem of traditional pipe replacement. Cracked, corroded, sagging, or misaligned pipes can be repaired quickly, with minimal inconvenience to businesses and property owners, while improving the integrity of existing pipe infrastructure. Pipe relining can be used across a range of property types, from residential to commercial, to heavy industrial and manufacturing facilities.

Pipe relining is like keyhole surgery for your plumbing

A small-impact access point is created, and an epoxy tube is inserted into the existing pipe and inflated. The tube contains a coating of resin that, when cured, adheres to the internal wall of the existing pipe. This process creates a seamless, hardened lining with a smooth internal finish that encourages water flow and leaves the pipe protected against tree roots. The relining sleeve blends seamlessly with existing pipework to create an environment free from leaks and preventing further cracking, creating a robust and reliable rehabilitated pipe. 

Traditional pipe replacement is both a labour and materials intensive process that sees surface finishes such as driveways, roads, walls and landscaping needing to be reinstated, adding to the cost and time of the repairs. Pipe replacement requires the use of large machinery, large crews, and extensive invasive excavation. The simplicity of pipe relining sees the process of repairing leaking pipes corrected in hours, instead of days; and is faster and less disruptive to business operations, pipe relining is a cost-effective measure that removes the need for expensive downtime and extends the life of pipework by decades. The life expectancy of a relined pipe is 50 years. A maintenance schedule that includes ongoing inspection and maintenance of pipes ensures any cracked or leaking pipes are attended to quickly, minimising lost time and causing inconvenience to business operations or home life. 

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Pipe relining makes its case for being better for the environment

No heavy machinery is required, and there is no landfill created from whole sections of pipe that have had to be removed and replaced. The relining tube is cut to measure, creating no waste and no trench digging is required which can harm existing natural habitats or damage precarious ecological sites. Pipe relining is an environmentally friendly, time-sensitive solution to blocked, cracked, and leaking pipes. There are no concrete slabs to dig through, no ruined landscaping, and no severe inconvenience.  

Hunter Eco Plumbing in Newcastle are working with corporate and heavy industry clients like the state government, mining and oil operations and large retail and industrial sites, it was important to us that we could offer a solution that assisted our clients in meeting their environmental targets while minimising their downtime. Pipe relining is an environmentally conscious process that is completed in a fraction of the time a traditional pipe replacement service would take. 

Pipe relining offers a solution that works for both businesses and residential sites. Be sure to check with your licensed plumber if pipe relining is a service that they specialise in.

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