Piano Movers Toronto: How Many People Should Transport An Upright Piano?


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The piano’s weight is determined by how tall it is, among other things such as the material that the piano is made of. The taller the piano, the heavier it is. The instrument’s weight comes from the cast iron harp that houses the strings. A tall piano is heavy because it has an enormous cast-iron harp and cast iron is very heavy. While moving houses, you should professional piano movers Toronto to move this delicate yet expensive item.

The piano is a fragile musical instrument, and the heavier it is, the larger the number of people needed to carry it. The weight will be distributed among the many people to ensure it is safe and no chances of falling. Check this page for more.

1. How Many People Should Carry Small Upright Pianos

Examples of a small upright piano are Spinets and Consoles measuring 36” – 42”. These weigh about 300lbs to 400lbs. To ensure a small upright piano is safe, it should be moved by at least three people. The three people provide good balancing and safety. Two people is not an ideal number. You can get a 4th person for more safety and to reduce the tediousness of the instrument when moving. 

If the piano is being transported on stairs, always ensure 2 people are moving its bottom. This way, the instrument is safe if one person falls or trips. When there are two people, the other person will protect and keep it balanced not to slip. 

However, if the piano movers Toronto are highly skilled, two people can transport a small upright piano. One person stays on top and the other on the bottom. However, transportation is only possible if the piano is moved on flat ground, over a ramp, or on a very short distance of about 1 to 4 steps. 

If the piano is being moved on 2 or 3 floors above, or if the piano is lifted over or under an obstacle, it requires 4, 5, or 6 men to do it. These men should be very well experienced. Accidents are very likely to happen if it is amateurs doing the transportation. 

2. Number Of People Required To Carry A Big Upright Piano

Big upright pianos are those measuring 50” to 60”, weighing from 400lbs to 900lbs. If you are moving a big upright piano on an easy shot, meaning on flat ground, you need at least 4 people to carry it. Out of the 4, 2 or 3 should be at the bottom to balance the weight because it is the heaviest side. If you push this piano on a dolly up a ramp onto a truck, 4 people can do the job. 

Lift motors handle 1200 lbs, and you can use them to lift the piano onto a truck. Lifting the piano onto the motor requires at least 4 people. Do not let only 3 people be at the liftgate. Let 2 people be on the ground to balance the instrument as it goes up the truck. The 2 people are also important because they can work the lift switch. 

3. Transporting Big Uprights

Big uprights need 5 people to transport comfortably. If there are stairs and corners, people will have to change positions to ensure their partners are well-positioned as they move up and downstairs. Failure to cooperate with the change of positions can lead to injuries or dropping the heavy piano. 

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4. Essential Tips When Moving An Upright Piano

To successfully move an upright piano, you have to follow these basic steps. 

  1. First, determine the number of people you will need to move the piano. This will be determined by the size and weight of the instrument. 
  2. Educate your team members on the importance of all the positions required to move the piano up or downstairs. 
  3. Assign each person a position and let them know how to handle it if slips and trips occur. 
  4. Let the crew place and mount the piano on a dolly. They should tie it tightly with belts to secure it. 
  5. The piano is then tied with a humpstrap that the top man uses to lower or lift the instrument while belting it on the dolly. 
  6. The men should then push the dolly to the truck while ensuring it is balanced. They can use all the tricks to move it up a dolly.

5. What Is The Cost Of Moving A Piano?

Well, piano movers Toronto cost vary significantly depending on a number of factors such as the size of a piano. You would want to discuss the cost of moving your piano beforehand with your piano movers Toronto company.

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