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Student accommodations are the properties held by colleges and universities. But they look like regular houses or flats but have a superior look and provide various kinds of facilities. Student accommodations have almost everything that you require. Furnished bedroom shared bathroom, kitchen. Few accommodations even include gym facilities, a good internet connection or wifi network, and many more. So, one should properly analyze before he starts his accommodation search. There are several private student accommodation available on and off-campus. Each accommodation provides you with different kinds of facilities. It is also the place of your memories. Here are some tips ways to find the perfect accommodation:-

1) Budget Friendly- Accommodations are available at different prices. Private university accommodation are costlier as compared to shared housing. As they include various kinds of benefits like having access to the gym, study room, wifi connections, etc. One should choose accommodation according to his budget and the facilities he requires in his day to day life. One of the cost-effective options for finding accommodation is through landlords.

2) Start looking earlier- As you know that you are not the only student looking for a place to live. There is a lot of competition for finding quality rules and houses to live in. If you do not start your finding earlier there is a full chance that your idol spots will be taken by others.

So, you should set up your links with local agents and local home rental sites. You can also use the service that advertises about spare rooms for students. Nowadays you can also use various kinds of apps and social media platforms to find your perfect place. If there is no perfect place to live it will hamper your excitement of university life. Grab the opportunities before others.

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3) Cleanliness and Hygiene-Everyone like to live in a place that is free from dampness as well as dirt. It should be your proper place to relax without getting you get sick. You should see your surroundings properly. There should be a proper garbage dumping system in your locality. You should also see that there are cleaners appointed for cleaning the room if you are renting a private resident. The bathroom of the apartment should be properly neat and clean.

4) Safety Measures- Your accommodation should feel like your home. And as you know that your home is the safest place to live. You should look for student accommodation having all the security measures. Basics include a fire alarm system and burglar system. There should be a proper guarding facility at the main gate by using CCTV cameras or watchmen. Especially at night accommodation should feel secure.

There should be a proper lighting system on the streets during night time.

5) Commute- Commute means the communal area of your accommodation. If you are living on campus it will provide benefits like more social activity, being close to your classes, visiting the library for late-night studies. But if you are living off-campus it will provide you with more exciting options. You can have access to the gym, restaurants, and places to relax and entertain yourself.

Communal areas also include corridors, communal rooms, etc. In these corridors, you will make new friends. So, this plays a vital role in deciding your accommodation. A friendly and extroverted person will look for his communal area as compared to the reserved one.

6) Legitimacy- It has been seen every year that students are lured to enter fake contracts. They are convinced to enter into rental agreements that are not legal. These contracts do not take any responsibility if something goes wrong. So you must look that you are an agent or landlord provide you with legitimate contracts. Before signing a contract one should properly read all the terms & conditions. If you feel uncomfortable with any of the terms you should better ask for its removal or you can reject a contract.

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7) Proper Study Place- As you know that you’re main goal is to study and earn a degree. To achieve this you have to put in a lot of hard work. So, you need a quiet and peaceful place to study. Having a decent study spot in your accommodation with a speedy network connection is the best combination you can ask for. The place should have proper shelves for all your study material and books. It will help you in keeping your stuff systematically. Doing your work with fewer disturbances helps in improving concentration and at the same time sharpens the mind. It also helps in boosting your understanding ability.

8) Flexibility In Agreement- Flexibility of agreement is the key factor in deciding your accommodation. Accommodations generally provide you with term-time agreements. Hence, creating there is a need to look for other places when the agreement period is over. It could lead to investing most of your time in finding a good place to live. Similarly, some agreements bind you into a year-round deal. It will be restricted for you if u does not plan on staying around for too long. So before entering into an agreement you should look for flexibility in terms & conditions. Because after entering into an agreement you will be liable and have to comply with its term and conditions.

Student accommodation is a vital part of a student’s life. It gives him a lifetime experience to cherish. Living with your best friends in the same room gives you a lot of memory. So, one must properly analyze all the factors before deciding on his place. There are various kinds of studios, en-suite, on-campus, and accommodation, private halls of residences, shared apartments, shared en-suite, and dual occupancy studio. One can decide from these according to their needs. A proper budget plan should be made beforehand. If you can afford a superior quality apartment then you can look for private halls of residences that have benefits like wifi connections, entertainment rooms, etc. But if you are not in that position you should opt for a shared apartment.

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