Pellet Stove Vs. Fireplace: Which One Is the Better Option for You?


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Utility costs are rising all the time, and it can be stressful to cope with the increased bills. You want to heat your home in the winter, and be comfortable, but you also want to avoid paying sky high utility rates. Surely, there must be another way to stay warm without paying through the nose.

Consumers are increasingly turning to alternative heat sources like pellet stoves or fireplaces. 

When searching for pellet stoves near me, you’ll find companies like Earth Sense Energy Systems provide a variety of stoves to choose from. Keep reading to find out why pellet stoves can help heat your home affordably. 

Pellet Stoves Are Efficient and Clean

Pellet stoves do burn wood, but they’re pellets made from wood instead of a typical fireplace wood log. They’re made of recycled wood waste, so they’re environmentally friendly. You can also “set it and forget it”, meaning you don’t need to tend to a fire the way you would a fireplace.

Pellet stoves have combustion chambers which receive pellets from a hopper that you load up. Some have auto-ignitions and thermostats much like a typical gas or electric furnace, so you can keep it at the same temperature without continuously feeding it more fuel.

Pellet stoves produce less ash and fewer emissions. It’s easier to clean than a wood stove because there aren’t bark or wood chip remnants to sweep away. Make sure to clean the flue vent and remove unused pellets at the end of winter to avoid rust.

They’re also more efficient than a wood stove or fireplace. Make sure to check the BTU rating and remember that higher is better. Just keep in mind that pellet stoves require electricity to operate, so they won’t work if you have a power outage. Some gas furnaces also have electronic ignitions and suffer the same fate, so don’t let that deter you.

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Crackling Fireplaces Are Traditional and Cozy

Wood burning fireplaces are a classic method of keeping warm during the cold winter nights. They typically use firewood, which can be bought in a variety of quantities in a multitude of locations. Grocery stores sell them in smaller packs, but if you’re really looking for a consistent heat source, you’ll want to buy larger quantities.

Firewood is usually stored outside, so rather than carrying in large bags of pellets, you can simply carry in as much wood as you need. You can get firewood from the sources too—if you have a supply of wood, and you’re able to chop it into firewood, you have an organic source of heating fuel.

One positive is that a wood burning fireplace will work even in the event of a power outage. It does require more cleanup and produces more ash than a pellet stove.

Check Out Alternative Heat Sources by Searching for Pellet Stoves Near Me

While both options have significant initial start up costs, the money you save in the long run makes it well worth it. When you’re looking for pellet stoves near me, make sure to compare prices and quality to make the right choice.

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