Outdoor Lighting Installation by Italian Architectural Lighting


Outdoor Lighting

PUK uses all upgraded and up-to-date technology to create marvelous and outstanding lighting products for its customers to create customer value and satisfaction. Our goal is to spread our idea of great quality and refinement affecting every one globally. Moreover, we constantly aim to provide innovation to our customers through the ultimate expressions of functionality, beauty, and durability.

We run our services all over the world and can proudly announce that we have become a reputable outdoor lightning company. Apart from being professionals, we are fast flexible and highly reliable in our field of work. Our experience speaks for our dedication and final results therefore; we put all our best into any project, long or short, given to us with complete originality.

Furthermore, we started out as a small company dealing with the production and manufacturing of watches in 1967. In 1993 our production of indoor lighting became very professional and reliable through the growth of advanced technology which led us to start manufacturing our very own down lights.

Through time we expanded our lighting to outdoor sectors and extended our range of products for various customers.

The future is committed to technology!

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting1

Outdoor Lighting is very challenging in the competitive sectors of design. Every architect, draftsmen, and landscaper have a demand for products that have high quality and they look for new ideas, innovation and technical excellence in the field of designs.

For the above given reasons, PUK makes sure that their products are technologically upgraded with maximum flexibility, and a great commitment to improve the quality and reliability of its product range.

Furthermore, LED outdoor lighting products are an ideal solution to light up the pavement or the entrance of your house and even driveway.  As spring is coming up, it is the perfect time to decorate your gardens with luxury and ambient outdoor lights which will allow you to enjoy your summer temperatures till late night.

Why Should You Go for Outdoor Lighting?

Outdoor Lighting2

Well, for starters it is easy for everyone to work in the light instead of the dark. Light makes you visualize and see what you are doing. For example, you are coming home late at night and there are no lights to help you see anything. You have difficulty finding your keys and in turn unlocking the door. Outdoor lighting makes it easier for you to look for objects and items in your bag and or purses as well as helping you distinguish between the door and its keyhole for e.g.

Moreover, you can also enjoy the outside garden lighting with your family, cook BBQ have some cocktail, drink with friends and have a good time with night lights.

Outdoor lighting is trending and economical lighting product.

Whether you want to lighten up your swimming pools, artistic fountains or enhance the beauty of your gardens, we are just one call away and the perfect solution for you!

The remarkable designs, durability, high-quality material is definitely what our customers need and demand. Our installation process is very easy you just have to book with us through our website and set a date and time for your installation of lighting. Choose what type of lighting products you want and where you want them installed whether they are outdoor lighting or LED lights. Our ever-expanding catalogue of products consists of flood light, wall lights, wall mounted lights as well as bollards.

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