Our Wedding Checklist Guide: Everything You Need For A Perfect Day


Wedding Checklist Guide 4

Whilst planning a wedding is an exciting task, it can bring about feelings of stress and anxiety. With so many factors and details to consider, it is important to have a thorough checklist to ensure your perfect day goes to plan. With this ultimate wedding planning checklist, we go through all the steps you need to ensure you don’t run into any hiccups on your special day.

12-18 Months Before:

  1. Decide on a Budget: It is essential to decide on a budget early on in your wedding planning journey as it will give you an idea on where you want your expenses to be.
  2. Curate your Invite List: Sit down with your partner and compile a list of guests you would like to invite. This will give you an idea for the size of the wedding, which will influence your choice of venues.
  3. Source a Wedding Planner: You may decide to do the organising by yourself, but a wedding planner is a great choice if the budget allows. Many venues have wedding planners on hand to help craft your special day. VR Weddings have a team of friendly wedding planners for each venue who are highly experienced in everything wedding related.
  4. Decide on a Wedding Date: Consider whether you want your wedding to be in a specific season or time of year.
  5. Pick a Venue: With the wedding party size and date in mind, tour multiple venues to find the perfect spot for you. Make sure to check out companies who offer a variety of venues, such as VR Weddings for multiple dreamy locations within New Zealand.
  6. Source Vendors: Makeup artists, photographers and florists are often booked out in advance. Make sure you book your vendors as soon as you have the location and wedding date set to make sure your preferred choices are available. 
  7. Pick a Style: Decide on a style or theme with your partner. This will influence the attire, colours and decorations used on your special day.

Wedding Checklist Guide 2

8-12 Months Before:

  1. Wedding Garments: It’s time to start looking for your wedding attire! This includes bride and groom attire, as well as garments for the bridal and groomsmen parties.
  2. Send Invitations: Design and send your invitations to ensure your guests save the date. Include a way for your guests to easily RSVP.
  3. Registry: Start compiling a registry with gifts that you and your partner would like so that you can make it available to your guests.

6-8 Months Before:

  1. Book Transportation: If required for your venue, arrange transport for your guests.
  2. Gifts for Wedding Party: Decide on gifts for your bride and groom party.

4-6 Months Before:

  1. Complete Menu and Decide on Cake: Work with your wedding staff to come up with a menu that you like. Make sure you have also decided on and finalised the type of cake you would like.
  2. Purchase Wedding Rings: Take your partner to browse wedding rings. Make sure you order in advance to ensure you can make any adjustments if necessary.
  3. Conduct Hair and Makeup Trials: Ask your hair and makeup artists for a trial so that you can ensure you’re happy with your final look.

Wedding Checklist Guide 3

2-4 Months Before:

  1. Apply for Marriage License: Collect the information you need and apply for a marriage license within your jurisdiction.
  2. Finalise and Triple Check Details: Contact all vendors that you will be using and make sure that they are still ready to go for your big day.
  3. RSVP List: Check the RSVP list to make sure everyone has sent a response. Follow up with any guests who have not responded to make sure they received the invitation.

1 Month Before:

  1. Plan Rehearsal Dinner: Pick a date for your rehearsal dinner and make sure all parties can make it.
  2. Create a Wedding Day Plan: Write a plan for how you would like your wedding day to go, including a timeline so that vendors and your wedding party can ensure everything goes as expected.

1-2 Weeks Before:

  1. Make Payments: If you have not already done so, make payments to all vendors that you will be using.

1 Day Before:

  1. Rehearsal: Gather together with your wedding party and hold a wedding rehearsal and dinner.

With this checklist as your guide, you can take the stress out of planning your wedding. Every wedding is different, so use the points in this checklist as you see fit. The most important thing to remember is to enjoy the moment on the day. All the planning will be worth it once you walk down the aisle and see all your hard work come to life. Best of luck for a beautiful and unforgettable day!

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