Opting For Electric Fencing for Cattle and More


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You have to protect your pasture for grazing. For this, there can be different fencing solutions, of which electric fencing is also standard. However, many people believe it is cruel to install such systems to protect your grazing animals and land from predators as they fear these can hurt them. But before judging it, one needs to understand how it works and its multiple benefits. These fencing methods produce small electric shocks to keep animals away from the property. Once they wander too close and feel the pulse, it helps them remember to maintain distance from it. Other fencing options can be more hurtful, though.

The benefits of electric fencing

Being the spot-grazers, horses turn to the same place for feeding and don’t touch other parts. They prefer succulent, short grasses than the taller ones; they choose an area that provides easy access to water, shade, and the gate. Excessive grazing can result in the deterioration of the pastured land, with weeds or bare soil showing up. Weeds can affect pasture quality and production, while soil would drain out during rainy seasons, taking away all nutrients and pesticides. To protect your pasture from spot grazing, you can install an electric fence. It can be a cost-effective way for farm managers and horse owners to divide the field for rotational grazing. 

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Rotation grazing can seem to be a complicated process. But with horse fencing, you can direct horses from one side to the other until the pasture height has touched an average of 3 to 4 inches. After that, you can send them to other patches where they have not grazed grass. When you rotate, many factors can come into focus, such as pasture growth, weather, number of horses, etc. In terms of weather conditions, rotation can occur in the cycle of 21 to 28 or 35 days, based on cool or warm seasons.

Besides, subdividing pastures with an electric fence’s help allows managers to send horses to specific sections where they may not like grazing otherwise. However, before doing this, make sure those patches are safe for the animals. It shouldn’t have toxic weeds or something else. If you again have to close that area, you can bring your fence there.

Since you get many options in fencing Canada, you wouldn’t struggle to find the right system for your needs.

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Things to consider with electric fence

You get temporary and permanent electric fences. Temporary ones act more as a psychological barrier. You can use them as the interior fence for subdividing the pasture. If you want a long-term system, look for a permanent electric fence. It is more of a physiological barrier. It can be better than barbed wire, rail fences, and others. You can install this easily at a lower cost. Plus, maintenance would not be a headache. Simultaneously, the energized boundaries would release sharp but safe shocks to keep livestock away from them. 

So, don’t bother about predators, pasture, and livestock anymore. You can trust these fencing solutions to provide desirable relief from annoying elements.

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