Once Bed Bugs Come In, They Will Not Go Away On Their Own

Bed Bugs Have Become Immune To Insecticides

Dealing with bedbugs has become one of the most common problems that Americans are facing nowadays. These unwanted insects are difficult to eliminate and unfortunately, once they come into your house they will not go away on their own. You might try to eliminate them yourself but bedbugs are very resistant and have become immune to different insecticides and other chemicals used to kill them. Therefore, once you notice that you have bed bugs at home, you must rely on a professional and knowledgeable extermination company to take care of the problem.

Bed Bugs And Fleas Share Some Characteristics

You can find bed bugs almost everywhere. Many people think that due to their name they are only found on the bed or the pillows but they can live in different places such as bags, jackets, the sofa, and even in your closet. Bedbugs are considered a parasite and you know that when we are dealing with parasites they cannot be easily eliminated. Have you ever thought what a bedbug and a flea have in common? Of course, they are both insects that infest our house, but what these two animals eat is unbelievable. Both of them need a warm-blooded mammal to survive. When a bedbug finds blood from an animal or a human, this will hardly go away and instead, it will start reproducing until lots of them infest your house. Many people don’t know they have bed bugs at home until they wake up in the morning and notice that they have bug bites on their skin.
Bed Bugs And Fleas Share Some Characteristics

Bed Bugs Can Live Several Months Without Feeding

Many homeowners have asked themselves what is the best way of killing them. You probably think that if you leave your house and leave the bedbugs alone for a while, they will go away or simply die. This is not how it works. Studies have shown that bed bugs can survive long periods without food and in some cases, they can live up to 10 months without feeding. You wouldn’t like to be away from home for 10 months, do you? Therefore no matter how big the bedbug infestation is at home, you need to act fast before this spreads all over the property.

Home Heat Treatment Kills Bedbugs And Their Eggs

Many treatments can be used to eliminate these unwanted insects. The most common is using insecticides. This is a good treatment but it takes quite a while for bed bugs to die. Using pesticides ensure that adult bed bugs die but they won’t cause any effect on the eggs. You will probably have baby bed bugs crawling all over the place a couple of weeks after the first treatment. Another way to eliminate bed bugs and that has been one of the most effective ones is by elevating the temperature in your house. It is an effective way of killing both adults and eggs. No matter what treatment you decide to apply, this should be done by a professional team of exterminators to avoid further problems, damage your property, and health problems.

Attack Bed Bugs Before They Spread In All The Property

If you saw bed bugs in your room, there is a big chance that they are isolated in one or two rooms. This is a good opportunity to pick up the phone, call us, and allow us to take care of the situation before they spread to other parts of the house. Remember, after you get a bed bug treatment, more than one visit will be needed to ensure that the infestation is gone. A good way of knowing if bed bugs have been successfully eliminated from your house is by paying attention to different signs. For example, if you don’t see more bug shells, feces, eggs or eggshells, these can be a signal that they are gone and you are now living Instead c n a clean and bedbug-free environment. Of course, after this treatment, it is recommended that a professional company continues fumigating and inspecting your house at least twice a year to avoid future infestations that can cause the same problem again.
Attack Bed Bugs Before They Spread In All The Property

These Unwanted Insects Cause Different Health Problems

If you are located in Raleigh, North Carolina, you have bed bugs and you want to eliminate them fast and effectively, rely on Bed Bug Exterminator Raleigh. We are a professional team of exterminators that use the latest techniques and the best treatments to ensure that both adult bed bugs and their eggs will be eliminated from your property. No one should suffer from having bed bugs at home. They are dangerous and produce health problems. At Bed Bug Exterminator Raleigh we know this, therefore we offer top-notch extermination service at affordable prices. Call us now at 919.769.6779 and speak to our professionals to get the information you need about the different treatments we use or visit our website to learn more about our services and to get a free quote online. Don’t allow bed bugs suck your blood and infest your house. Instead, contact us today and rest assured that you will be in professional hands. Call us now.

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