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Modern offices are constantly making strides to build a happier and more productive environment for their employees. Once we’re all back in the office, this trend is likely to continue. From more plantlife, to ergonomic chairs to wellness spaces, there are a lot of interesting tactics being tested out to boost employee morale. One office aspect that should not be overlooked when it comes to productivity is proper window treatments for optimal lighting. This article will examine some of the ways you can create a happier workplace by installing the right commercial window coverings.

Let There Be Light Regulation

Window coverings may not always be the most obvious choice when considering productivity boosters, but you might be surprised. On top of providing employees with a view of the outside world, your windows will let natural light flow into your office, brightening the space and creating a generally warmer and more pleasant environment. In fact, it has been medically proven that exposure to natural light increases productivity in offices as it can positively influence our circadian rhythms.

Light can also physically impact the amount of work that can be accomplished at an office, as it affects eyesight. In darker spaces, it can be much more difficult to see the items around you that you may need to efficiently do your job. Conversely, too much light can cause glare on computer screens. Furthermore, proper window shades or blinds can help regulate the temperature in your office. Because nobody wants to work at a blisteringly hot desk in the summertime. 

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Factors To Consider

There are of course a number of things to consider when choosing the right window coverings for your office. While blinds and shades can be great for regulating office light, there are a few more things to keep in mind when picking out the right ones.       

One important factor to consider is the density of your blinds. Density is referred to as the “openness coefficient” and describes the ratio of holes in the fabric that could let light in. Some other factors to think about include the colour of the materials, the thickness, the weave density and any finishing coatings. All of these factors will affect the light regulation in your office space.

Popular Styles

Now that you’ve got a solid background in light regulation and factors to consider, let’s take a look at some of the best styles of commercial blinds and shades that are currently out there. 

  • Horizontal shades: These types of blinds are cost effective, last a long time, and seem to be a timeless choice for any office space. Horizontal shades are sometimes made with durable materials like aluminum, which can be less likely to fade due to prolonged sun exposure and are easy to keep clean.
  • Roller Shades: This type of window covering solution is an affordable way to manage light in your office. Mounted on a roller, these shades are simple to maneuver, easy to incorporate into just about any style of office and they are also a breeze to install.

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Find Your Blind Spot

When it comes to creating a happier workspace, finding the right window coverings can clearly have a significant impact. With the above factors in mind, you’ll be ready to continue building a welcoming work environment for when office life resumes. Once you’ve got the right style picked out and optimal light shining into your space, you’ll have it made in the shade. 

Start exploring a great collection of commercial window covering options for your office. 

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