Nora Lighting Tips for Apartments


Nora Lighting Tips

Here are the best Nora Lighting tips for your apartment.

Apartments are not exactly the dream home that young aspiring designers are dreaming about when they are kick starting their careers. The limited space of apartments gives very little flexibility and a lack of options especially when it comes to lighting. The minimal floor space leaves a lot to be desired to put in stylish lamps. And natural lighting can be a nightmare given that windows become a luxury when it comes to apartments. Transforming the apartment from a dreary space into something lively and homely can sure become a tough order. However, that does not mean that it cannot be done or is impossible. Here in this article, we are going to talk about different ways for you to apply Nora lighting and make your dream apartment a reality.

Nora Lighting on The Ceilings

Every room needs a centerpiece, but what do you do when you have a limited space? The answer is install eye catching ceiling fixtures. Because of the small floor space of apartments, you really would not want people to focus on it. Rather, you should make a statement on the ceiling and fool the observer into seeing the room as bigger than it actually is. The way the guest’s mind works is that since the centerpiece is so far from me that I could not even reach it, then there is no way that this room is small. And what more perfect for a centerpiece than lighting that should be able to distract your guests altogether.
Nora Lighting on The Ceilings
Having lighting on the ceiling, especially of the decor kind does not mean that your work on lighting is done. Theoretically, the ceiling is the best place to put lighting so that it reaches every corner of the room. However, ceiling fixtures are not meant to be the single light source of any room. You are better off installing additional lighting that would not overpower the ceiling light, or at the very least, not go against its color. You do have another option though. You could let in some natural light that should complement nicely during the day when the ceiling fixture’s light may not be as visible. And at night, when the ceiling fixture may be the only light source, then it would really shine amidst the darkness. Just remember that combining light sources takes careful planning and a lot of experience. Especially with natural light where there are a lot of factors to consider, you would really not want to mess it up. Otherwise, you may end up with blackouts every time it rains.

Ceiling fixtures work only with proper accompanying light. There is no telling how many different kinds of combinations you can choose from. But one thing is for certain and that is lighting with only the ceiling fixture will not suffice for most cases.

Nora Lighting on Powder Rooms

The powder rooms are perhaps one of the trickier rooms to design lighting for. There is a limited space and you do not want to mess up lighting when people are trying to fix their looks. There are also limited options due to the chance of the room moistening up. However, there are tried and tested options that you can go for if you want to err on the safe side. There is no shame to basing your own design opinions from experts especially from those that have more experience.

My personal experience in working with powder rooms is particularly a disaster. I could not, for the life of me, think of a particular way to allow enough lighting in such a small room. And because the demand for lighting in a powder room is very specific, it really made it even harder.

Nora Lighting Works on Small Spaces

You want to be creative but you do not want to go completely crazy. I know people that look at a small apartment and want to fill it with everything they need by using a lot of different fixtures that have multiple purposes or are just simply smaller versions of what they usually are. With regards to lighting, people struggle in trying to match the same kind of lighting that they can get when working with the same space. This is a struggle that might not seem so obvious at first but when you keep having trouble looking for a spot to read when you barely have any options, then you know that you messed up.
Nora Lighting Works on Small Spaces
One trick that particularly works well for working with lighting on smaller apartments, and any small spaces is to use a dimmer. These dimmers allow you to control lighting to set a mood. This is very helpful for people living in studio apartments because the room has to perform multiple functions for the one living there. He or she can change the lighting to be a bit dimmer for when he or she is resting. Or he or she can turn it all the way up when he or she is working at something that requires proper direct lighting.

Multiple Nora Lighting

One common mistake that designers make when preparing lighting for small apartments is to rely on one single source for lighting as if minimizing the requirement. The rationale is that since there is only one room then one source should be plenty. This is far from true however because, not only is it usually not sufficient, it is also not flexible. For instance, you could not combine lights from the ceiling and natural lighting for a more natural yet bright enough for you to get some work done.

You can also work with multiple shades to have more flexibility. As a designer, you should be familiar at which shades would work for specific functions. Having it interchangeable allows a small studio apartment to quickly turn from a bedroom into a kitchen into a living room. The sky’s the limit as long as you are able to freely change the shade of lighting.

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