Nine Tips to Create the Master Bedroom of Your Dreams



When you move into a home, you want to make the space feel special and unique to your lifestyle. Arguably, the most important room in a house is the master bedroom. This is the space that you can truly fine-tune to fit all of your likes and needs. Your bedroom should be comfortable, practical, and reflective of your personality. Here are nine tips to create the master bedroom of your dreams.

Create a Mood Board

If you want your master bedroom to look cohesive, you will want to create a mood board that can help inspire your decor. You can go old-school by cutting out images from magazines, or simply create a mood board on Pinterest.

Mood boards can help you see the bigger picture of how your visual concepts and ideas will turn out. A comprehensive visualization of your design ideas can also help staff at furniture stores or paint stores get a feel for what you are looking to achieve.

Set Yourself a Budget

Creating the master bedroom of your dreams is relatively easy if you don’t have a budget to stick by. However, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to design and express their creativity without any financial constraints.

After you have created your design concept and evaluated the plans of the house, think about what products you want to include and what expenses this will incur. Consider using alternative materials if you find yourself over budget and look for bargains at discount stores.


Pick a Color Palette

Finding the perfect color palette will help you massively when it comes to deciding furniture, artwork, and decor items in general. Although it may be tempting, try to stay away from trendy color palettes. Pick something that you will love forever, not just for a few months.

Once you pick a base color for your room, take a look at a color wheel to identify analogous and complementary colors. You can also focus on monochromatic colors in the same hue. For more ways to create a color palette, check out the basics of color theory.

Identify Your Master Bedroom Needs

Before you start picking out your furniture, you should identify what basic needs your master bedroom needs to cover. Write down a list and prioritize what sections of the room you would like to include in the master bedroom.

For example, you may want to create an inviting nook for reading or maybe a vanity area to get ready in the mornings. The choice is yours, however, identifying your needs first will help you design efficiently and maximize the space.

DIY Any Out of Budget Furniture

If you have expensive taste and a small budget to stick to, don’t fear, you can always have a go at up-cycling furniture yourself. Take a look at charity shops and try to find the potential in any outdated or used pieces.

You will be surprised at how much you can learn with a simple YouTube tutorial. If vintage isn’t your thing, you can find countless videos on how to transform IKEA furniture into unique pieces. Here are a few DIY ideas to help you get started.

Keep it Cozy

You may want your master bedroom to look prim and proper, however, this is your sanctuary, so you will also want to keep it as cozy as possible. You can achieve this feeling by adding different textures to the room with pillows, throws, and rugs.

Another way to keep the room feeling as comfortable as possible is by purchasing an electric blanket for those winter nights and some scented candles to give the room its own sense of personality. Wooden features, calming colors, and natural materials can all help create that cozy interior design feel.


Create Versatile Storage Space

Even if you are convinced that you have all of your storage needs covered, once you move into your new home, you will inevitably begin to accumulate more stuff. The best thing you can do before moving in is to purge all of your unwanted items.

Use the space that you have wisely. For example, invest in night side tables that have storage space and place any plastic storage boxes under the bed if you have space. Install shelves and find multi-purpose furniture if you are still struggling.

Maximize Seating Potential

Seating areas in master bedrooms always go down a treat, as they give the room an elevated sense of luxury. You don’t have to have a ton of space in order to create a seating area, all you need is bit of imagination.

If you do have enough room, consider purchasing a small chaise long or sofa to place at the foot of your bed. If not, you can try to create a built-in window seat that doubles up as an extra space for storage. For even smaller master bedrooms, why not consider a small armchair instead?


Don’t Neglect the Walls

People often get so excited when designing the master bedroom in their new home that they plan out all of the furniture but completely forget to pay attention to the wall space. The walls of a bedroom are the canvas of any interior design project.

Wallpapers and wall features can instantly add depth to a room and elevate the overall design of the space. This is the perfect opportunity to play with colors, artistic materials, and different shapes or styles. You can paint or wallpaper an accent wall, purchase some of your favorite artwork, or even order inexpensive prints to decorate the space.

Don’t rush into buying all of your decor and furniture at once. Make sure to plan out your room meticulously and try to have fun whilst doing so. Interior design should be an enjoyable and creative project, not a stressful process. If you take your time, you can make sure that you complete the decor to the best of your abilities and DIY any items that are out of your budget.

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