New Trends in Mattress Purchases and Accessories are Emerging!


New Trends in Mattress

No matter what any consumer does for a living, mattress purchases are going up because of the requirements that consumers now desire in a mattress. A lot has changed in mattress technology over the years and since consumers are now leading more busy lives, they seek not only comfort, but physical health benefits in their mattresses. Health benefits that consumers are seeking stems from having a sleep experience that restores the body to its most optimal health. The new technologies in mattresses and mattress accessories take this new need into consideration.

Since consumers now have such hectic lives, their bodies become more easily depleted. Restful sleep is now more important than ever, and restorative sleep is being the most sought-after trend. Restorative sleep is essential to good brain function and with so much to think about and achieve each day, consumers are very focused on this aspect of sleep. Neurons that are stressed out and over-used each day makes restorative sleep imperative. Not only do consumers seek to rest their bodies but they also seek to rest their minds!
New Trends Mattress
Many consumers also struggle with sleep problems and some have chronic pain from overuse of their bodies. A good night’s restorative sleep is essential in these cases also, and shopping for a new mattress takes these needs into account. There are different stages of sleep and each stage should be addressed while asleep. The newest mattress technologies seek to assist with keeping consumers asleep and able to pass through all the stages of sleep without interruption. Interrupting the stages needed by frequent awakening, or the inability to fall asleep (insomnia) does not restore the body or the mind.

The newest mattress technologies now keep the stages of sleep, any chronic pain or stress, and the hectic nature of today’s living all in mind. In addition, there are approximately seven “comfort zones” of the body that the newest technology strives to address, again leading to uninterrupted and restorative sleep. If these comfort zones are addressed less tossing and turning occurs throughout the night and consumers can even fall asleep faster as a result.

There are several types of new technology, from air cooled technology to memory foam and even water filled portions of some mattresses. There are a variety of technologies to pick from: inner spring, pocket coil, memory foam, organic-based fillers, gels and combinations of all the above. Consumers also can pick from a variety of bed designs to suit their choice of mattress, and many of the newer mattresses also tout the fact that they will repel dust mites and are also hypo-allergenic. This leads to the boom that is taking place within this industry.

Bed design is also important and is considered a mattress accessory, along with certain types of linens to dress the beds. Designs can range from traditional to all out ornate, depending upon a consumer’s taste and style of mattress chosen. The size of the bed design also matters, as well as the budget.

With over about forty-four different designs overall to choose from the options for consumers now seem limitless. Sizes can range from a simple twin bed to a king-sized bed of rather large proportions.
Bed linen selection, also known as bed sheets, now offer a wide selection too. These accessories also differ in size but also in materials. The most common type of materials in sheets now is still cotton as it is both durable, soft, and economical. Linen bed sheets, however, and other materials can also be a good choice, as some bed sheet materials such as linen “cool” consumers while they sleep leading to a more relaxed and enhanced sleep experience. Some individuals get overly warm while sleeping and a cooling experience using bed sheets is sought after. Studies show that a cooler environment leads to better overall restorative sleep. The optimal temperature for a good night’s sleep according to sleep studies, seems to be very low, from 60 degrees F to 68 degrees F maximum. Keeping a room cool during sleep and using accessories on a bed to enhance a cool temperature can have benefits that consumers need in mattress accessories.

Mattress accessories can range from the functional to the fashionable and can include rods, bed skirts, mattress pads, wheels, throw pillows, under-mattress add on storage, pillows that prop up certain parts of the body such as neck or legs, and dozens of other types of accessories. Mattress pads are accessories and can add a layer of protection between a consumer and the bed frame of choice. Overall, a good night’s sleep is now more possible than ever before, and a consumer can usually find whatever they are looking for now in order to obtain this great sleep!

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