New Tools Used in Residential and Commercial Sanitization

With many news outlets warning Americans that December could be the deadliest month for the Covid-19 pandemic so far, many hygiene companies are looking at ways to improve their service and ensure their clients’ homes and businesses meet the cleanliness standards laid out in guidelines published by the World Health Organization concerning health standards in the times of Covid-19. In this article, we look at one of the new tools that hygiene experts have added to their arsenal of equipment to ensure that homes and businesses are as clean as they can be; the electrostatic sprayer.

What is An Electrostatic Sprayer

Electrostatic sprayers are a new sanitation tool that offers home – and business – owners an effective, environmentally friendly way to sanitize residences and office buildings without the need to hire a team of hygiene professionals.

Electrostatic sprayers work by producing an electric charge that they transfer to liquids such as cleaners, disinfectants, and sanitizers as they pass through the nozzle of the sprayer. Once charged, the liquid droplets actively repel each other and seek a negatively charged surface so that they can return to a neutral state. All surfaces are naturally negatively charged as they are grounded, which means that the charged liquid will cling to most surfaces. In the process of seeking out a negatively charged surface, the droplets of liquid coat and wrap around the surface of any objects it comes into contact with, getting into even the most hard-to-reach areas. For a more in-depth look at the technology behind electrostatic sprayers be sure to check out this guide on electrostatic sprayers from a leading supplier of office cleaning equipment.

What Makes these Sprayers Different from Other Solutions?

Unlike other sprayer solutions, because the droplets of liquid sanitizer or cleaning agent are positively charged, the droplets repel each other which causes an even coating on all surfaces. For this reason, less liquid is used when cleaning with an electrostatic sprayer, making it more economical than other equipment and also more environmentally friendly, as there is less chemical runoff during the application process.

Choosing the Right Electrostatic Sprayer


Due to their effective and cost-efficient cleaning, electrostatic sprayers are now being used for a huge range of applications in more and more places of business as well as public spaces. Medical offices are one of the main users of this technology, using it in conjunction with hospital-grade cleaning agents and sanitizers approved by the Centers for Disease Control in order to create a clean and sanitary environment for patients. They can also be used in gyms, hotels, restaurants, and offices, with different units available for every purpose.

Cordless electrostatic sprayers are one of the most popular units that can safely be used in home and business environments. These units are often battery-operated for greater mobility and allow cleaners to get into even the smallest of spaces easily.

For larger areas, roller cart units are proving popular as they can be used for as long as necessary, as they will not run out of power, yet they are still extremely mobile. These types of units are popular in small offices as they are powerful, mobile, economic, and are not as bulky as their industrial counterparts.

Electrostatic sprayers are becoming more and more popular among hygiene companies and homeowners alike as they are more effective than traditional cleaning methods and they allow for the easy and fast sanitization of even hard-to-reach surfaces.

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