New Stained Glass Studio In Florida by Csilla Soós

There are some absolutely stunning stained glass pieces from the artist Csilla Soós. With many years of experience in the industry and plenty of time to hone her craft, it’s no wonder that the majority of individuals who work with her are more than pleased with the results.

With Csilla extending her business to Florida for the 20th anniversary of her stained glass profession, her work is now available to even more people. If you’re interested in custom window panels, tiffany lamps and much more, it could be well worth considering what services she has to offer.

The new Csilla Soós studio in Florida

Branching out and offering pieces across the state of Florida now means that Csilla’s work is even more accessible. With her new studio featuring a broad range of fantastic works, this is without a doubt the perfect place to go if you want an opportunity to see some stunning, handcrafted pieces in person. Stained glass windows, art deco tiffany lamps, beautiful custom gifts and so much more are all on offer.

Here at the studio, you’ll find some incredible examples of the stained glass projects Csilla Soós has taken on over the years, so it really is a great opportunity to peruse this artful medium if you’re hoping to learn more about her work and/or services.

Church Stained Glass Windows Kemestaródfai Church – Csilla Soós

What can you expect from Csilla Soós?

Many of Csilla’s clients have been more than happy with the results of her work and if you decide to hire her skills, you’re likely to see why. If you’re in Florida and you’re looking for an experienced stained glass artist to assist you, there’s no doubt that you’re going to be interested in everything that Csilla Soós has to offer.

Just take a look at some of the fantastic pieces showcased in her studio if you’re curious to see her work for yourself. You could always do a quick search online too; over at, you can get a far better idea of the pieces she has completed for other clients, the services she offers and so much more, so it’s well worth stopping by.

What else could Csilla Soós do for you?

Many of those who are hoping to hire Csilla’s services will be glad to hear that there are a variety of projects that she can undertake. Outside of stained glass art for windows, doors, lamps and much more, she can also take care of a host of glass stain restoration projects. She even offers fire enamel too, to add even more variety to her range.

If you’re in need of any of these services, it could be well worth reaching out to Csilla to work with you on the project you have in mind.

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