New Boiler Installation Quotes and Why They Are Useful Before You Buy


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Does your boiler keep breaking down? Do you spend a lot of money on maintenance and repairs? If you answered ‘yes’ to these two questions then it is certainly time for a new boiler. 

Just like you would request a pricing quote for any other product or service, so should you do the same for your new boiler. Here are a few reasons why you should get a new boiler installation quote

  • Helps you understand different pricing options

Different boilers come at different prices. For instance, combi boilers go for an average of £2,000 to £3,000. However, there are additional costs that are associated with moving the boiler from one point to another. 

As there are a variety of boilers in existence, they all come at an array of costs. By getting a new boiler installation quote, you will have a good idea of the available options and what they cost. 

  • Helps in understanding why pricing options vary

If you are wondering why new boiler installation costs vary from company to company, then an installation quote is your solution. By going through different service costs, you will get a good understanding of why installation costs differ. 

It could be that the company charges slightly higher because they offer additional costs such as maintenance where others are only charging for the installation, meaning that you will have to seek maintenance elsewhere. As such, you can decide what works best for you and what you are willing to pay for.

  • Offers more information about the company

It is important to understand the different installation companies that are in existence so that you can settle on the one that will meet your needs. The different types of installation companies include:

1. Sole traders

These are single engineers who come with lower installation overhead costs. While they come with affordable installation costs, they require extra payment for maintenance.

2. British Gas Company

As one of the biggest boiler installers, the British Gas Company comes with larger overhead costs because it works with highly qualified engineers. 

Despite the fact that you will have to pay high initial costs, you will receive outstanding support should anything go wrong. 

The engineers are highly responsive and do not charge anything else for maintenance. Everything is covered in the initial payment.

3. Small businesses

There are also small, upcoming businesses in your local area that equally offer new boiler installation services. They are not as expensive as renowned companies or other sole traders. They offer a friendly, mid-price point.  

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  • Sets expectations

Most boiler installation companies understand the importance of outlining the scope of work before the actual installation process. This is always done through the new boiler installation quote. 

The scope of work is especially important if the installation project has a lot of working parts as the information will help both you and the professionals understand the job at hand and how much it will cost. 

  • Establishes a minimum base rate for the work

Installing a new boiler can be expensive. Therefore, you will want to know the amount of money that you will spend before embarking on the project. Remember, unforeseen circumstances may also happen. 

Thus, the price quote will establish what is covered by the rate and any extra costs that you may cover. So, even if anything changes, you will easily refer to the original scope of work and update the quote based on what has changed.

  • Allows for the proper planning of cash flow

When you know what you are expected to pay, then it will be easy to set aside enough money for your new boiler installation project. 

The last thing you want is for the installation to come to an abrupt halt simply because you do not have enough money to see the entire project through. More importantly, it will open up the lines of communication between you and your potential installers. 

If the installation fees seem too stiff, then there are companies that allow for negotiation. You will be able to plan out your budget, knowing how much you will spend upfront.  An installation quote offers all of the financial information that you need beforehand so you know what to expect and can avoid any surprises.


New boiler installation quotes are the best way to know exactly what you are getting into. They answer the how’s and why’s of the entire installation process. They are exactly what you need to make a decision on whether you will install a new boiler or keep your existing one. 

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