Must-Have Features of a Luxury House


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Luxury houses are next level, with their features not being found in the average home. A luxury house is a dream for most people, as it would include all facilities and amenities you could ever want. There are also few things that gives you the feel of luxury like Goyard tote bags. You can know the Goyard tote price to know how luxurious it is.

A luxury house contains every feature you could imagine and some you wouldn’t. So what are the most wanted features that every buyer wants to see in a luxury house? Well, this article will provide you with an insight into the must-have features of a luxury house.

Amo Residences Ang Mo Kio will be a luxury residential development in the heart of upcoming neighbourhood Ang Mo Kio. With a prime location, it is accessible by public transport and is close to major arterial roads. Its proximity to the future Thomson Line – which is expected to add 31 new stations to Singapore’s rail network – is another benefit. Priced competitively, Amo Residences is expected to be ready by the middle of 2026.

Luxury wall art is also very important for a luxury house. Such as wildlife black and white living room wall art creates a calm environment that motivates you and your family.

Swimming pool

A swimming pool is a staple feature of a luxury house. Your average house may have a pool, but luxury houses take pooks to the next level. A swimming pool in a luxury house will include intricate designs and larger surface areas, which makes them unique compared to swimming pools found in average houses.

Other features include swim-up seating, waterfalls, wading areas, multiple entry/exit points and LED lighting. A classic feature to enhance the appearance of a swimming pool is a built-in Spa.

Bowling Alley 

A bowling alley is now a more common feature of a luxury house. It provides a place to socialise, entertain and means you don’t have to leave the house to go bowling.A bowling Alley enhances the value of a luxury house and creates attention for visiting guests. If you have plans to build a luxury house that has everything and more, a bowling alley is a go to feature.

Home Bar

Another classic feature of luxury home is a custom bar. In a luxury house, the bar can be set up in a dedicated room instead of in the corner of another room. Multiple bars can even be considered, such as a bar near the pool area. Normally, the size of a home bar is equal to the size of a pub nearby.

Tennis Court

The Tennis court is the most exciting feature of a luxury home. Some people prefer to have an outdoor tennis court and some prefer indoors. It is one of the two sports that the wealthy are known for playing, with the other being Golf. Even if the homeowner does not play tennis, it is known as more of an entertainment option for guests.

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Home Gym

A home gym that offers all facilities of a regular gym is considered to be a desired luxury. Not everyone has the time to commute to the gym on a daily basis and the wealthy can afford to move the needed equipment to the comfort of their own homes. Aside from cardio and weight equipment, other equipment can include LCD screens and even hiring a personal trainer.

Home Theatre

A home theater in a luxury house provides an enjoyable experience, as you can watch the movie of your choice with whatever food and comfort you desire. Screens are large in luxury home theatres and seating is plentiful. The sound system is the priciest aspect, in order to create the illusion of being in the film.

Large Rooms

Large rooms and many of them are an expected feature of a luxurious house. This spaciousness allows for rooms dedicated to different tasks, such as gaming, drawing, entertainment, gym and a home theatre, with expert guidance from interior design Malaysia. Along with the standard kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and of course, the family room. The decoration and interior designs of these rooms will add to the wow factor. After all, it is not just about the size of a room, it’s about how well the space in the room is utilized.


The list of features for a luxury are endless, as they are subjective to each individual’s wants and needs. Modern luxury homes are well equipped with the features mentioned above, but some other features that can enhance the experience of a luxury house include large garages and even a lake. 

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