Moving Home? 5 Things to Remember Before You Leave


Moving Home

Most people look forward to moving into their new homes, with a mix of excitement and stress. You, probably, have completed your move checklist at this point, already packed your belongings, and contacted a reputable moving company. However, there are other important things to remember before leaving your old home, which will be tackled in this article.  

1. Hire A Cleaning Company

Moving away should also consider getting rid of the rubbish in both your old and new addresses. To make your life a little easier, you can hire a high-quality residential cleaning company that will handle your cleaning checklist, making your old and new homes clean, sanitized, and smelling fresh. 

Leaving your old address clean and tidy will ensure that you fully comply with the lease agreement to get your deposit back. Also, it will avoid putting yourself in an embarrassing situation or bad reputation when new tenants move in. 

Professional pre-move and move-out cleaning services, such as, can take care of the following areas:  

  • All Rooms And Hallways: They’ll be cleaning all rooms and hallways by sweeping and mopping or vacuuming all rugs, carpets, and floors. Also, move cleaning includes cleaning your mirrors, windows, baseboards, light fixtures, and ceiling fans, as well as removing cobwebs, and cleaning the exterior and interior of closets. 
  • Kitchen: They also clean the exteriors and interiors of freezers, refrigerators, microwaves, and cabinets. This process includes wiping clean surfaces of all appliances and scrubbing oven racks, stovetops, and drip pans. Also, kitchen cleaning includes cleaning of countertops, sinks, and backsplashes, and polishing chrome fixtures. 
  • Bathrooms: They’ll be cleaning and disinfecting sinks, showers, shower doors, tubs, and toilets. The process also includes cleaning of the exteriors and interiors of all cabinets, and polishing chrome fixtures. 


2. Deal With Damages

Playtime during a moving in break

As soon as possible, you should deal with any damages at your old address before the landlord inspects your apartment or rented residence. If you have tenant insurance, you can file a claim for home equipment breakdown so that you won’t pay out of your pocket for repairs. A good tenant insurance plan covers AC systems, water heaters, electrical service panels, and deep well pumps. 

3. Get Rid Of Old Furniture And Appliances

Because moving means a lot of packing, lifting, and hauling, you can simplify your life when moving by disposing of furniture and appliances to declutter and lighten the load. Here are some tips to get rid of old furniture and appliances: 

  • Sell Them Online: Sell your old furniture and appliances online by listing them on eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook groups. Doing so will reduce your burden of moving your heavy furniture and appliances over long distances. 
  • Pull Off A Garage Sale: Make some money by holding a garage sale before moving out to get rid of old, bulky, and heavy furniture and appliances.  
  • Gift Or Donate Them: You can give away your old furniture and appliances to relatives, neighbors, and friends, who might want your furniture and are willing to truck and move them into their houses.  


4. Settle Everything

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As much as possible, try to settle all bills in your old address, such as utility, cable, and phone bills, to start anew in your new address. While you probably have updated your billing address, settling your bills at your old address will avoid piling up pending bill payments and confusion. It’s one way to avoid carrying your debts with you and bring good luck to your new home. 

5. Finalize Everything

Avoid running into last-minute trouble on the big day. So, make sure to finalize everything. Confirm your preferred moving date with your moving company at least two weeks in advance and re-confirm a few days before. Also, your new address should be well-prepared for your arrival, with everything cleaned and organized with the help of a cleaning company.  

Of course, you need to prepare your family, too, because moving can be a major source of stress, leaving uncertainties and surprises. Set proper expectations, especially to young children and elderly family members. The trip could be long-distance, so you want to make them comfortable as much as possible. Have your vehicle professionally inspected to ensure a safe trip. 

Once you have been able to get everything done, its time to contact a great moving company like H2H Move to help you with the final steps. Working with a great moving company can give you complete peace of mind regarding the safe transportation of all your valuables from one place to another. They will be able to take care of everything including, packing, transporting, unpacking and any other specific requests that you may or may not have.


You’ve just learned the important things to remember before moving out from your old address. Aside from packing and labeling, you also need to ensure that your old place is left clean by hiring a move-out cleaning company. Deal with damages early on by filing a claim using your tenant insurance to get your rental deposit and avoid paying out of pocket. Also, it’s a good idea to settle everything before moving out for a fresh start.

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