Moving from UK to Holland

Moving can be stressful and can cause a lot of stress on the people affected by this. Especially when the decision is to move from one country to another, the process can be much more complex than that of moving in the same city. The first obstacle anyone making this move would face is the restriction of going back and forth between the countries. The option to just drive back to your old house to get an item you missed is not that readily available. In such a case, it is important to hire professional movers especially ones that specialize in international moves. A good company to consider for this task is Henneken Removals as they expertise in international moves and can take a lot of the stress away from the individuals making the move.


However, to make life easier below are a few tips to keep in mind while making the big move:

  • Make sure to have utilities running before you make the move. Electricity and water supply is a basic necessity and is an essential part of any household. Moving into a house that does not have these things already set up, it can cause a lot of stress on the individuals going through the move.
  • Hire movers as soon as your moving dates are confirmed. It is essential to work with and communicate clearly about your requirements with the movers to avoid any mishaps caused by miscommunication.
  • Get all the moving supplies in one trip; this is not only easier but also time-efficient. Making a list of all the supplies, you need to pack up your life and move it to the other country and getting all those items in one trip will save time and the hassle of going to the market again and again.
  • Find free boxes; although the movers will be taking care of almost everything in your house, you still need to pack a few essential items and some sets of clothes with you in case the movers arrive a day or two after you reach your destination. Getting smaller or medium-sized boxes to pack those essentials will ensure easy transport as well as ease of finding items when unpacking.
  • Purge items to sell or donate. When moving from country to country, it is easier to take only essentials as this makes both packing and unpacking much easier. Purge all the extra items and sell or donate them.
  • Keep important documents such as educational certificates, birth records, passports, and bank documents separately and near to you. This will ensure them not getting lost in the move.
  • Instruct the movers to pack items from each room in separate boxes and label them to make it easier and more efficient when unpacking.
  • Leave clothes on hangers as this will help ensure easy unpacking and save a lot of time.
  • Keep cotton balls on powder makeup, this will provide a cushion and protect them from breaking during the move.
  • Before unplugging your TV and removing all the connections, if you have a complex system, take pictures of all the connections. This will help you reconnect all wires with ease.
  • The final tip would be to finish packing before the moving day. This will ensure you get ample rest before the big move and conserve energy to reach your destination and unpack your essentials.


Following these few tips and getting help from the movers can ease the stressful task of moving from one country to another.

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